What are you doing to protect your organization’s data?

Every organization leverages data in different ways to make informed business decisions.  If you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on valuable consumer trends and information. In today’s era of technology data is a key differentiator to many organizations. 

With all the data organizations are collecting, the importance of security is at an all time high. There are two main questions that organizations should be asking themselves when it comes to security. The first is what tactics do we have in place to keep our data protected? The second question is what would we do if we were the victim of a cybercrime? 

If you don’t know the answer to either of those questions its time to get prepared. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) most attacks are opportunistic and target not the wealthy or the famous but rather the unprepared. 

Lets talk about what types of measurements should be in place to protect all that valuable data. 

  • Implementing layered security: 

Think of your security as a layered approach. First, is your network security. As a basis a firewall should be implemented. At SupportMyMac we use Sonicwall Firewalls. A basic firewall is designed to block any unauthorized access to your network. Depending on your organization’s security needs there are a variety of layers of added security within the firewall. 

The next step is to ensure you endpoints are protected. Endpoints include your employee’s desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This is where a good chunk of your files and data are stored. There are a variety of solutions that can monitor your firewall and endpoint security so if there are any problems they can be spotted quickly. For more information on the different layers of security you could implement within your organization be sure to check out our Managed Security solutions on our site. 

  • Keep up with upgrades: 

Upgrades are sent out for a reason. They often aim to improve functionality and fix any problems with security. Many security monitoring systems send out notifications when there is a new upgrade available. Make sure you spend time scheduling these to be done. 

  • Have proper employee training: 

According to Verizon’s Dara Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), 17% of data breaches were made by human error. This could include things like employees failing to shred confidential information, sending emails to the wrong person or clicking on phishing emails. 

It is important to implement proper training and procedures so that your employees stay educated and up-to-date on recent cybersecurity trends.  

  • Limit employee access to data: 

Many organizations are setting up their file share systems so that upper level management can control which folders their employees have access to. For example, management may be assigned access to specific folders while a marketing and sales team is given access to another folder. 

If you do fall victim of a cybercrime even with a variety of security tactics in-place the most important thing is that your data has been backed-up. This way, if you were to lose all your data you know that it is located elsewhere. Be sure to checkout our blog post that talks about key practices for an integrated backup strategy. 

If you questions or concerns about your organizations backup solutions or cybersecurity be sure to connect with us below.

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