The Planning Stage for Setting Up Your Office Technology

Organizational leaders are always trying to control and lower their costs. They look to find ways to do things more efficiently all while staying within a budget. This is why organizations often get pitched a great solution but the next question is “Great! So how much will that cost.” 

It has been said that in the world of Managed Services it is hard to know how much it will cost to support a client, especially when you don’t know anything about them. You can compare this to something simple like planning and budgeting for an event. Until the event planner knows how many people there will be and what is wanted for the event it is hard to provide an accurate idea of the cost. 

One benefit of working with an IT Service Provider is they can help you put together an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure. The first step, being the planning stage is one of the most important. Based on your needs, an IT Service Provider can then accurately provide an idea of what the cost would be. 

What will you talk about with your IT Service Provider throughout the planning stage? 

First, when talking to an IT Service Provider we need to understand how your current technology is working for you. Maybe you’re starting with nothing because you’re moving to a new office space. Or, maybe your current technology needs to be redesigned and updated. 

You’ll want to assess your organizational needs based on your workspace, your workflow and your employee needs. From a managerial perspective, it is important to take time to communicate with your teams to fully understand how they leverage technology on a daily basis to do their job effectively. For example, things like network availability, computer server performance, how many workstations you have, printer accessibility, file sharing and storage are all things you would want to understand within your organization. 

Next, you want to have a vision of where your organization is going in the future. The IT Service Provider will then be able to implement an IT infrastructure with equipment that can grow and change with your organization. This way the technology will always support your organizational objectives.  

First things first, a discovery meeting.

To gain this knowledge the first step with an IT Service Provider should be a discovery meeting. This not only gives them an opportunity to get to know you and your organization but it also gives you the change to get to know them.  Initial conversations shouldn’t be price driven. Once all the information is laid out on the table then there can be a focus on price alignment and budgeting requirements that fit your overall goals. 

Every organization has a standardized pricing model that are based around the different types of services offered. If we use these prices without talking to you first, we aren’t truly focusing on your business and your unique needs. At SupportMyMac, we pride ourselves on being a proactive IT service provider, which means we don’t just wait for you to call our Helpdesk. Instead, we want to take the time to understand what your organization does, how you do it and your overall workflow. It is then that we can make IT recommendations that will help your organization be more efficient and in the end, more profitable. 

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