Setting Up Your New Office: where do you start?

A person's hand skeching an office plan with a black pen.

Moving to a new location or into your first office is not an easy task! As a business owner or a decision maker, you’re probably trying to control and lower costs (and rightfully so)! You’re probably looking for ways to do things more efficiently all while staying within a certain budget.

As an IT Service Provider, SupportMyMac is happy to help you with this important step so you don’t end up wasting money on inefficient solutions that have to be replaced because they simply don’t work.

We call this the discovery phase (This is step 1 of our 5 step process to a Drama Free Experience).

First things first, the discovery meeting.

The planning process all starts with a discovery meeting. This gives you the opportunity to get to know us and we’ll get to know you as well.

5 Step Process for a Drama Free Experience

We’ll go over things like your technology needs and wants and your organizational processes. In the first meting we’ll also discuss budget allocation, which is the amount you have for the project. The numbers won’t be exact at this stage, but we need to know if you have $10,000 allocated, or $30,000.

At SupportMyMac, we take the time to understand what your organization does, how you do it and your overall workflow. Then we will design solutions that will help your organization meet its goals.

What will you talk about during the discovery phase? 

Planning office technology in a meeting with an IT Service Provider.

To help you plan your new office space, we need to first understand how your current technology is working for you and your team. If you’re starting from scratch because you’re moving to a new office space, we can help guide you based on your anticipated needs and wants, and what we’ve seen with clients in your industry. If you’re an already established organization and you’re moving to a new space, your current technology may need to be reviewed and updated.

Topics that we will cover through the discovery phase:

An IT Service Provider assesses your needs based on your workspace, your workflow and your employee needs. It’s important to get feedback from your teams to fully understand how they leverage technology on a daily basis to do their job effectively, so that you can relay that information.

Things like how many workstations you have, printer accessibility, file sharing and storage, and network availability are all things you need to understand within your organization. Whenever possible, try to standardize processes and reduce inefficiencies.

Next, you want to have a vision of where your organization is going in the future. That’s how we can implement an IT infrastructure with equipment that can grow and change with your organization. This way the technology will support your organizational objectives.

That’s great: how much will it cost?

It’s difficult to estimate pricing before we know anything about you, your office plan, your company’s needs, etc. Compare it to planning and budgeting for a large event like a company party: until the event planner knows how many people are attending and what is needed, it’s hard to provide an accurate idea of the cost!

The benefit of working with an IT Service Provider  to plan your office technology in a new space is that we’ve done it before and likely have a better idea of costs than someone who’s never done it before. We can help you put together an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your IT budget. Based on your needs, an IT Service Provider can accurately provide an idea of what the cost would be.

The first consultation with us is free.

To get started with our Drama-Free IT planning process, get in touch with us using your preferred method: by phone, email, or using the contact form on our website!

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