Agile. Streamlined. Personal.

At SupportMyMac, we're certified to ensure your IT solutions are set up, configured, and supported correctly. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in five steps, so your Apple devices run like a dream.

Our experts provide personalized support, giving you the confidence in your systems that you deserve and the freedom to focus on your job.

Curious about our approach to drama-free IT?

The SupportMyMac Experience™

Here's our 5 Step process to working together

1. Discovery

  • Meet with you and your team to assess needs.
  • Perform IT assessment if needed
  • Gather information and requirements

Discovery of your requirements and you feel listened to.

2. Design

  • We research available options for your company.
  • Present you the available options for analysis.

Clear understanding of all your available options.

3. Deploy

  • We begin working together and put the solution in place.
  • At this stage, you're up and running!

A thought out, drama - tree experience installation.

4. Review

  • We make sure that what we deployed is working as expected.
  • Through review and feedback, we ensure that you're happy!

A solution that works as it was presented to you.

5. Maintain

  • We put a plan in place to maintain the solution (either by your team or ours) and ensure it keeps running the way it was intended.

Ongoing support when you need it.