More and more businesses are now moving their on-premises servers to the cloud and it is not hard to see why. Cloud solutions for small businesses are becoming really affordable and integrated. They offer a more efficient way for your entire team to collaborate. It’s also a operational expenditure (OpEx) so it’s easier to do from a cash flow perspective instead of having to shell out thousands of dollars every few years to replace your servers.

Are you using any of the following?

  • Hosting your own IMAP email server (Kerio Mail Server, Exchange, OS X Server, GoDaddy, etc.)
  • Using DropBox, Google Drive,, or ShareFile to share files
  • Using Zoom, Google Hangout, or GoTo Meeting for video conferencing
  • Using Slack or iMessage to communicate with your employees
  • Using a file server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) to share files
  • Needing to use your slow VPN to access your files when you’re working remotely

If you are, you’d love Microsoft 365!

The truth is, you’ll be able to consolidate expensive subscriptions, segmented solutions and disconnected tools to Microsoft 365. Believe us, you will not look back!

Want to learn more about Microsoft 365?

As you know Microsoft 365 is a very large cloud platform and to help demystify it we published “The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft 365 for Apple Users”.

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What are the benefits of Microsoft 365?

  • Easier access to up to date company files, allowing you to act faster and smarter, increasing your competitiveness.
  • Highly redundant and resilient email solution for your business.
  • Easily share calendars with colleagues to easily book meetings and make things happen.
  • Highly secure and customizable cloud environment to meet company’s IT policies.
  • Easy per seat pricing makes it easy to budget and scale.
  • Evolving platform so new features are constantly being added.

Why is SupportMyMac the best partner for migrating your Apple environment to Microsoft 365?

  • We use it ourselves! SupportMyMac has transitioned to Microsoft 365 a few years ago and have not looked back! It’s completely transformed our business and simplified our tech stack.
  • SupportMyMac has completed hundreds of migrations to Microsoft 365 and the clients have been very happy with our approach and process.
  • SupportMyMac is also a Microsoft partner so we have access to tons of resources and support.

How We Do It

Cloud Computing and Microsoft 365?

Using cloud technology allows your employees to sign in from any device and all the documents will be accessible in the cloud and ready to go. The days of having to send documents back and forth through email attachments are over. Now you can be confident you are reading and editing the most recent version of the document and there will never be confusion over file content.


Other things to think about

Do you still need backups after moving to Microsoft 365?
Yes, you absolutely do! We provide a cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365.

Where will your data reside?

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