In todays digital era, understanding the impact technology can have on your nonprofit’s staff, culture, community and society can drastically impact your success.

Slowly, nonprofit organizations are realizing that technology can be implemented into their day-to-day workflow to improve operational efficiencies, to increase their mission impact and to enhance their competitiveness. 

Members of nonprofit organizations including donors, sponsors, volunteers and employees are turning to technology to do things such as grow community awareness, make connections and facilitate actions. The back-end functions such as sustainability planning, financial reporting and performance measurements are all based on IT capabilities.

Many nonprofits are continuing to implement digital marketing techniques including the use of social media, online donation pages, email marketing and engaging with supporters through online methods. Through techniques like these, organizations are realizing the power of analytics. As any organization continues to grow they need an IT provider to ensure their data is secure from cyberattacks, their files are backed-up and recovery tactics are in place in the case of a disaster.

One advantage of having our team look after your IT systems is the predictability of your monthly spending. Our team will maximize every dollar that you spend on IT so that you can grow as an organization and so your team continues to be efficient and work well together.

Connect with one of our team members below by phone or email for more information on our services. 

  • Do you use technology products like iPads or iPhones for parts of your programming or simply for your employees? We can help with the deployment of these devices. 
  • We use the Ekahau Wireless Site Survey Planner to improve your office’s Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • As you continue to produce more files and content you’ll need more storage space. We can implement cloud-based technology solutions. 
  • Data is essential to any organization. This data needs to be safe and secure at all times. We can design integrated back-up solutions so your files are easily recoverable in the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster. 

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Company  Actua is a national charity that aims to prepare today’s youth with foundational skills in science, technology, engineering and…

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