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The SupportMyMac Team’s Common Goal = #DramaFreeIT

Every member of our team lives and breathes Apple products, so we completely understand how important your products are to you. We’re passionate about Apple and have a long history of owning, working with, and assisting people with Apple technology.

We’re not a one- or two-man band, but we’re not a huge faceless organization either. We’re agile, streamlined, and personal — with a real focus on building relationships with our clients.


SAMFounder & CEO

Sam’s passion for Apple products turned into a business. He started SupportMyMac in 2006 and continues to love helping people find the right technological solutions to improve their organizations.


CHRISOperations Manager

Chris' love for Apple came as he was in Art school. Chris' creativity drives him to find solutions to his clients’ problems. Putting the right products, and technical know how, to give his clients freedom use IT.


CLAUDETTEAccounting Supervisor

Claudette is a financial wizard who loves working with numbers. She strives to provide accurate information and maintains a relentless pursuit until she gets the job done.


KAREEMClient Care Coordinator, Helpdesk Guru

Kareem began his career supporting Apple products in 2008 as a hardware technician. Although initially it was just a means to pay his way through music school, he quickly found a passion both for solving problems and helping people embrace and enjoy technology to its potential. Many years and roles later he still tries to bring this passion to every project and engagement.


SHAUNTechnician, Systems Administrator

Shaun has always enjoyed working with computers and automation tools. He likes the design, simplicity and power of Apple products, which he has been using since he was 4 years old.

LAWAIHelp Desk Technician

Lawai has a knack for technology and a great eagerness to learn! Originally from Libya, he brings valuable experience working at a Wireless Internet Service Provider and delivering great customer care!

SAMUELSales Support Specialist

Samuel has a passion for technology and brings with him 10 years of Apple experience including working at Apple. He understands the Apple ecosystem and has a unique ability to convey complex technical solutions into simple terms so clients understand.


ELYSIAMarketing Coordinator

Drawn from the world of teaching into the world of content marketing, Elysia found her true niche explaining technical concepts to non-technical people.

Frederic Sune

FREDIT Systems Consultant

Fred brings more than 22 years of IT systems management and consulting experience with Microsoft environments. He likes a good challenge!


DYLANInternal Systems Development

Dylan continually evaluates our business systems and finds opportunities for automations, integrations and efficiencies. He always looks at problems from the client's perspective and asks: "what could we do to improve our communication and the customer experience?"

MELISSA Content Marketing Specialist

Melissa has an eye for creativity that she brings to the online world through content channels including blogs, social channels and case studies. Melissa looks to educate others and increase awareness about IT concepts in order to ensure clients have access to the proper IT resources to be successful.


JULIEEMR Consultant

With a background in IT, Julie became the go-to person at her clinic whenever there was a technological issue. We’re happy to have her as an EMR consultant on our team!


YOUR NAMEYour Best Role

If you’re looking for your next great role and think SupportMyMac would be a good fit for you, we’d love to chat! Reach out today to see if we have something available.


About the Apple Consultants Network

We’re certified to ensure your IT solutions are set up, configured and supported correctly.
Your assurance of quality

The Apple Consultants Network is a group of independent, local professionals who are trained in Apple technologies. We have demonstrated technical experience in the set-up, use and maintenance of Apple and related third-party products and solutions, and must pass rigorous testing to become certified.

As certified members of the Apple Consultants Network, SupportMyMac’s technical experts have demonstrated proficiency in servicing and supporting a variety of Apple hardware and software products. Apple Consultants Network members are the only consultants recommended at the Apple Store and on the Apple website.

Put your Apple products in the best hands.

Not only do Apple-certified professionals receive ongoing and valuable training on the latest technical information, we also have access to specific resources that help us stay on the cutting edge of technology.

SupportMyMac is the National Capital Region’s premier certified member of the Apple Consultants Network. It’s your assurance that the SupportMyMac team has the skills and the resources you need.

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