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Connectivity is important for businesses.

A tightly connected enterprise with secure and smooth networks is more efficient, more productive, and more professional — a well-oiled machine.

At SupportMyMac we can help you build a slick and properly integrated network to bring the various parts of your enterprise together. We work with the best networking hardware to ensure that your network works for you as well as your customers.

How can SupportMyMac help your network?

  • We can help you remotely access your files and data. This allows your staff to easily work from home or while on the road
  • We keep your network protected from threats. By using solid fire wall technology and defending from all angles, SupportMyMac give you peace of mind and security
  • We’ll help you filter web content, giving your business more control over its networks and allowing you to block or restrict sites likeFacebook and YouTube
  • We’ll help you build quicker networks with better quality of service, boosting productivity and enhancing customer experience
  • We’ll help you integrate a wide range of devices and systems into your network
  • We can help maintain your network by monitoring and upgrading on an ongoing basis
  • We specialize in Apple products, and building effective networks for these
  • We’re an experienced team with a proactive and hands-on approach to managing your networks

How We Do It

At SupportMyMac, we use HP switches to deliver the very best service for your business and customers.

Network switches allow multiple devices to connect to a network. When properly used they allow for more efficient networks and smoother performance.

Why use HP switches?

  • Increase the available bandwidth across your network
  • Reduce workload on individual computers so your staff can get on with their jobs
  • Connect directly to workstations
  • Up-to-date and advanced switches like those used by HP are more secure and reliable
  • Good switches lead to a better performing network which benefits you and your customers

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