Strong Wi-Fi = Serious Work.

We are Wi-Fi Planning & Design Specialists

Designing a Wi-Fi network for a company can seem like a simple task to most “IT guys and IT companies” out there but there’s actually a lot of planning and things to consider to do it RIGHT.

The process can quickly get very complicated when you introduce different operating systems, many types of hardware and advanced features like guest networks, VLANs, roaming and access control settings.

Our highly trained wireless technicians have the tools and software to design, analyze and optimize Wi-Fi networks of all sizes.

Who have we helped?

  • We help companies of all sizes and in many different vertical markets implement turn-key wireless solutions.
  • We assist companies design Wi-Fi networks for their new offices (fit ups).
  • We install and supply wireless access points and work with trusted partners for network cabling.
  • We support companies and organizations optimize and troubleshoot existing Wi-Fi networks.

Why use SupportMyMac to install, design and troubleshoot your company’s wireless network?

  • We offer a hands-on, practical approach to designing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks.
  • Our experience with Apple devices allow us to optimize Wi-Fi networks for Apple’s Wi-Fi network roaming.
  • We use enterprise-grade tools in our wireless design process.
  • We help existing IT teams troubleshoot and optimize their Wi-Fi networks.


How We Do It

Businesses need business-grade products.

As such, we use professional Wi-Fi Site Survey Software (Ekahau) and Ubiquiti Wireless Products to design strong and reliable Wi-Fi networks.

Our process starts with an on-site site survey for RF analysis and Wi-Fi planning. This ensures your wireless network has great coverage, great speed and runs smoothly all the time.

We don’t just “Wing It” like other IT companies.


Why we use professional Wi-Fi solutions

  • Ubiquiti Networks
    • Created with small businesses in mind, the UniFi product line offers tons of features and lots of flexibility.
    • With cloud management (Cloud Key) capabilities, it’s easy for administrators to manage and control their Wi-Fi networks.
    • Ubiquiti also has long-range solutions for long distance point to point connectivity.
  • Ekahau Site Survey
    • The industry-standard tool for designing, analyzing, optimizing, and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks.
    • Leveraging the Ekahau Sidekick we will perform an on-site spectrum analysis.

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