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Technology is an increasingly important part of healthcare. A well-functioning IT infrastructure is necessary for smooth and secure operations and minimal downtime. At SupportMyMac we take care of your IT needs so you can focus on the business of saving lives and caring for patients.

Our Apple Certified team has experience with your software applications, including:

  • Telus Health PS Suite™
  • topsOrtho
  • MacPractice
  • Jane App

Our proactive, hands-on approach to ensures we get it right the first time. We won’t leave you stranded:

  • We proactively monitor and detect problems before they occur, keeping your clinic secure and running smoothly at all times.
  • Remote, onsite, or by phone — we can help you from anywhere with a quick response.
  • PS Suite Helpline — any PS Suite issues you experience can be handled quickly by our team. We collect known problems and solutions across multiple clinics so we can fix issues rapidly and effectively.
  • Cutting edge technology — we keep up to date with all new hardware and software solutions. We evaluate, test, and review so your staff don’t have to.
  • Less downtime, more cost savings — we increase staff productivity and reduce downtime so you can save costs and let your resources and staff focus on their crucial jobs.
  • Scheduled site visits — we assign a service agent to your account, providing regular onsite visits for ongoing, dedicated support and maintenance.
  • We protect business data — Background backup is our offsite backup solution for Mac and PC. We manage everything and deal with daily reports of any issues.

What out clients say!

“The St-Joseph Family Medicine Clinic has seen an increase in productivity due to lower downtime and less IT/network related issues. Doctors can accomplish more remotely thanks to an increase in their connection speed. The medical staff can now rely on a robust network and computer environment.”

St-Joseph Family Medicine Clinic

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