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The healthcare industry is an area that has seen significant IT changes on a yearly basis. It’s important to keep up to date with industry trends but this can be difficult when you are in the business of saving lives and caring for patients. This is where we come in, at SupportMyMac we provide best in class service to help with your IT solutions, allowing you to keep focused on what you do best.

Healthcare providers can include family medical centres, dentist offices, pharmacies, health centres among others. At SupportMyMac, we understand the value of your patient's data and how IT can be a key differentiator in terms of how your organization operates. We have experience with the initial set up of IT infrastructure for new medical spaces, we know the proper tools for making changes to existing medical spaces as well as monitoring and maintaining these systems.

The day to day IT support ensures that we are proactive in identifying any updates or changes. If you do run into an IT problem we can start fixing it immediately, ensuring that it doesn’t cause any disruptions within your office space. We will provide the technology support so that your team can work efficiently and provide quality service to your patients.

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We have a proactive, hands-on approach to ensure we get it right the first time

  • Our team has previously set up medical office workstations to be standardized and controlled for all employees. This allows files to be shared easily across workstations.
  • We can improve unreliable or slow VPN Access.
  • We have experience working with electronic medical record systems including Telus PS Suite and Oscar EMR, topsOrtho, MacPractice, Accuro EMR and many more!
  • We can protect your business data. BackgroundBackup is our offsite backup solution for Mac and PC products. We proactively monitor the daily reports and detect and address any issues that could impact a future restore.
  • We can help you transition to cloud technology storage so that your documents are secure but easily accessible between workstations.

What our clients say!

“SupportMyMac has been with Asclepios Medical Clinic since the beginning and they’ve always been a great help in all things tech. The team is professional, reliable and thorough. They’re always available when we need their help. I would definitely recommend!”

Sherry, Operations Manager Asclepios Medical Centre

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