When all you need is a little advice

Your business’s technology should complement your overall workflow, making tasks simpler and increasing your overall productivity. A successful IT setup requires some planning. It can be tough to know which parts are running smoothly and which could use some improvements.

Our IT consulting services provides customized solutions made specifically for your organization. We are a team of dedicated Apple technicians who can help you plan and execute the setup of your business technology.

Use the results from an IT Assessment to jump start your planning phase

During an IT Assessment, our technician will visit your office space to evaluate your current IT setup including your network, server infrastructure and workstations. You will have the opportunity to discuss with the technician your current technology needs, wants and outstanding concerns. We use this time to thoroughly understand your company objectives and workflow in order to make customized recommendations later.

Following the assessment, a comprehensive report is provided which includes any identified IT gaps, recommended hardware and software updates, a workstation inventory list and any outstanding IT recommendations.

Results from your IT Assessment can provide:

  • Recommended IT solutions, a migration path and budget
  • Security liabilities and operational IT concerns
  • A performance analysis and system bottlenecks
  • Current backup procedures and crucial data locations
  • An asset list of your hardware and software inventory
  • A master IT document and network diagrams

How We Do It

In order to be successful, we first take the time to understand your organization as the basis for a strong business relationship. We’ll show you how to boost your efficiency and productivity by identifying gaps and opportunities within your business technology. You can draw on our knowledge and expertise every step of the way.


IT Consulting

Through our IT Consulting Services, our technicians can provide guidance about:

  • What the best backup and recovery tools are and how to implement them
  • How to configure a strong and reliable office Wi-Fi connection
  • The deployment process of integrating Macs in a large Window-centric environment.
  • What security measures you should have in place to keep your data and files protected from cyberattacks.
  • How to implement cloud technology across your organization.

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