At SupportMyMac, we understand Mac environments in the government workspace. We provide support, security and solutions for your workspace and employees. This allows you to provide optimal results for the public. We pride ourselves on staying current with creative trends while remaining operational and compliant with GOC standards. 

You rely on quick and secure access to networks, servers and applications so that you can be productive on a daily basis. With todays advances in technology, there is the continuous pressure to stay innovative with things like cloud computing, mobile access and wireless solutions. Our role is to develop, modernize and maintain your IT environment to improve operations and ensure everything is running smoothly and securely. We are an extension of your team. This allows your employees to focus on what they do best so together we can increase productivity and achieve all business objectives. 

Connect with one of our team members below by phone or email for more information on our services.  

  • We have experience with system compliance with GOC standards such as MITS. 
  • In a primarily PC environment, we provide augmented solutions for Mac users so that no one lacks IT support.   
  • We will minimize server and network downtime. 
  • Through our file sharing and collaboration you can eliminate the duplication of effort for faster, better results. This will help empower your team to collaborate without versioning issues. 
  • We provide strategic guidance for overcoming technology challenging. 
  • We offer our services in both official languages. 

What our clients say!

“We are very pleased with the promptness of service, the diligence, professionalism and expertise that has been provided to us each time we have interacted with SupportMyMac. The knowledge of the technicians and the profound level of knowledge has been a pleasure to witness. We are fortunate to have come into a professional relationship with the entire team."

Director, Federal Government of Canada

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