Cybersecurity should be a serious concern for every business, no matter how large or small. Cyber crime is a constant and growing problem, with new methods of attack being developed and new vulnerabilities discovered all the time.

There are multiple layers of security that can be implemented to keep your organization’s data secure and protected. At SupportMyMac, we offer SonicWall Firewalls for your network security. A basic firewall is designed to block any unauthorized access to your network. Essentially, it stops things from coming into your network, while still allowing things to go out. Our team uses Auvik’s Network Management Solution to maintain and monitor your network infrastructure on a daily basis. This allows us to communicate with you proactively about any network issues that may occur.

Firewalls are essential for network protection but they don’t protect your endpoints, including laptop and desktop devices. Bitdefender is the solution we offer that has layered security in order to protect your endpoints. To go along with Bitdefender, Watchman is our endpoint monitoring solution.

At SupportMyMac, our goal is to help your business stay safe 24/7. We work with some of the best solutions out there to ensure you don’t fall victim to cyber crime. Connect with one of our team members by phone or email below.

Why use SupportMyMac for your Managed Security?

  • We constantly monitor and look out for potential vulnerabilities and threats.
  • We regularly update your software and make sure any issues are patched and dealt with quickly.
  • We ensure your IT infrastructure is armed with the very best cybersecurity software and up-to-date defences.


How We Do It

Our Managed Security approach is diverse and layered:

  • We implement content filtering intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus policies at the network edge, along with enforcing content filtering based on the needs of our clients period.
  • We enforce and configure industry standard protection mechanisms on all networking equipment and enforce strong passwords. (Storm Control, Spanning Tree, 802.11 WPA2)

Which solutions do we use?

Sonicwall: Cutting edge firewall and security services to provide an airtight first line of defence.

Background Backup: The backup software used so that your business can be up and running again with minimal downtown if a disaster happens.

Auvik: A network management solution used to monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure. Provides rich reporting allowing us to proactively resolve any issues in your network before it has an impact on your daily activities.

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