Image isn't everything but in the creative industry it is vital to your success.

New technology directly enhances creativity in a workplace and can improve your overall productivity and culture. The interaction between technology and the creative sector has allowed for new forms of artistic expression to advance substantially. There are consistently new materials and programs that can be used in creative ways to market all types of products and services.

In the creative industry we know that you want to stay innovative and relevant. At SupportMyMac, we provide best in class service so that your IT systems are efficient and effective. Whether your focus is on strategic development, creative, video production or a combination of it all we can help with your IT systems so that you can focus on what you do best.

We also help with the maintenance of these systems so that they are always up to date. At SupportMyMac, our team believes that it is important to be proactive. We provide technology support so if your team runs into any issues they can be addressed immediately. Therefore, your employees and clients are impacted the least possible.

Connect with one of our team members below by phone or email for more information on our services.

  • In order to create compelling content you need the latest systems and softwares. We’ll make sure your systems are always up to date and ready to go.   
  • We are familiar with the most popular tools used in the creative industry. This includes Extensis product solutions.
  • We understand that in the creative industry you require a large amount of storage space for all your ongoing projects. We’ll help you save on costs by ensuring you use your storage space efficiently.
  • We have experience addressing network and server issues so that there are no design or reliability problems.
  • We have experience implementing cloud technology into workspaces so that your documents are secure and easily accessible. Teams will be able to easily collaborate on projects wherever they are.
  • We know how to deploy new Macs and IT infrastructure into your office space, reducing downtime and preventing a loss of revenue.

What Our Clients Say!

SupportMyMac take the pain out of downtime. They always accommodate in times of need and are truly helpful. They get us back up and running quickly and painlessly.

Nadine, Partner and Director of Creative Services