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Mobile Device Management

Keep mobile devices working efficiently and securely

From phones and tablets to the Internet of Things, mobile devices have a big role to play in business. When used well they can lead to increased convenience, easier lives for staff, and possibilities for remote work.

As mobile devices become more widely used it’s important to manage them properly and safely. At SupportMyMac we offer comprehensive and practical support for your business’s mobile device management needs.

Why do you need SupportMyMac for mobile device management?

  • Security — mobile devices can be points of attack for cyber criminals, and often fall victim to attacks like DDoS. We can ensure your devices are properly defended and keep your business safe to save costs and protect your reputation
  • We can set up your networks effectively — ensuring everything works as it should with minimal disruption
  • Remote management — if a device is lost or stolen we can help handle things from afar, including removing sensitive data
  • Employees often bring their own devices to work, or work from home with them. It’s important to ensure these devices are integrated into your network and secured, and SupportMyMac can help you with this
  • Stay ahead of the game — according to Stratistics MRC, the mobile device management market is expected to grow significantly to a value of $8.28 billion in 2023. We can ensure you remain ahead of the competition with a well-managed mobile device network
  • We specialize in Apple iOS devices like iPads and iPhones, and integrating these into an Apple-based IT system. Other companies tend to focus on PC-based systems or a mix of devices
  • We offer a practical, hands-on approach to device management

How We Do It

To help manage your mobile devices as efficiently and securely as possible, SupportMyMac uses JAMF software to deliver the very best service to your business.


  • Geared towards Apple products and devices, just like we are
  • Can be used at home and work to keep your employees’ data safe at all times
  • Pre-configured apps, so your staff can start working as soon as their device switches on
  • Can integrate Apple devices with any Windows or Android technology you may use

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