VPN Connectivity: How to have employees work remote securely

A VPN connection allows individuals to remotely connect to your organization’s computer network server securely. It is as if the individual is directly plugged into the network, as they will then have access to all the same resources. 

Based on the image above, the Network Access Server is your dedicated server. This is what the individual will connect to using the Internet and the VPN. For security measures the Network Access Server requires valid sign in credentials. Next, to connect to the Network Access Server through a VPN the individual needs the computer that they are using from a remote location.

Larger organizations can purchase and deploy their own remote access VPNs. Alternatively, smaller companies can outsource their VPN services. 

The use of a secure VPN connection is something that more and more companies are using because the amount of employees that are working remotely is growing. It was found that some of the key benefits of employees working remotely include improved employee retention and increased productivity due to less time commuting and an environment that has less distractions. Of course there is an element of trust that a business owner must have with their employees in order to let them work remotely. Although, many that do have seen benefits. 

The use of a secure VPN connection ensures that your network server data is protected. Whether your employee is working remotely from a hotel, airport or coffeeshop you can be confident that your organizational data and files are secure.  

If you think your organization could benefit from a secure VPN connection, contact one of our technicians for more information. 



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