VPN Connection: How to Have Employees Work Remotely, Securely

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The acronym VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. Used often by employees working from home, a VPN connection allows individuals to remotely and securely connect to your business’ computer network server. The individual will have access to all the same resources, as if they were plugged directly into the network!

(For a more in-depth description, Norton has a great article.)



How does a VPN connection for business work?


Connecting using VPN for business needs 3 parts:

  • the employee working from outside the office, with the proper software installed on their device;
  • a secure VPN connection using the Internet; and
  • some sort of resources at the office, such as a server.

Graphic showing how VPN works

Your server at the office connects to a private network, as do any other devices connected to the network. This is where the data for your business is stored, and what the individual will connect to by using the Internet and the VPN. When an employee wants to access the data that is at the office, from a location outside of the office, a VPN gives them a secure tunnel through which to access the data.


Why use a VPN?

Using a secure VPN connection ensures that your network server data is protected. Whether your employee is working from a hotel, airport or coffeeshop, be confident that your organizational data and files are secure.

Larger organizations tend to purchase and deploy their own remote access VPNs. Smaller companies can outsource their VPN services. 

An increasing number of companies are now using secure VPN connections for their business, as the amount of employees working remotely is growing. Some key benefits of employees working remotely include improved employee retention and increased productivity due to less time commuting, and an environment that has fewer distractions.


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