security+support for Employees Working Remotely

Your team is working from home: who would they call if they had a computer issue? Are you sure that their files are being backed up? We feel the pain and the stress of having to move teams to remote work, and want to help your organization stay safe with our security+support remote bundles!

As a business owner, it's important to keep your employees productive, safe and secure as they work from home. Our bundles take care of the major stressors that employees encounter while working remotely, including anti-virus and anti-malware protection, a backup solution, protection from phishing, and pro-active monitoring to detect problems before they arise.

The SupportMyMac security+support remote bundles were designed for small business owners looking for peace of mind. Let our expert staff find the best bundle to suit your organization's needs so you can operate fully even with your team working remotely.

Click here to see pricing. Customization of bundles may be available, depending on your organization's needs. Contact us with this form for more information.

What does a security+support bundle include?

  • Remote support (*amount and price varies per bundle)
  • Pro-Active Monitoring
  • Backup Solution
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Phishing Protection & Threat Detection
  • Peace of Mind


I'd like more information:

How We Do It

To keep your employees and their data secure and protected while working from home, SupportMyMac uses a number of tools to create the bundle that's right for your organization.

These are industry-leading tools that we've vetted over hundreds of clients to ensure they're reliable and that they deliver what they promise. We've come to use them after thorough testing and validations, and use many of them in-house.

At SupportMyMac we are confident that these solutions will maintain users' privacy and security, and will ensure employee productivity and lower downtime with far fewer (or no!) tech issues while working remotely.


All security+support bundles include:

  • REMOTE SUPPORT: Access to Apple-certified technicians to remotely fix issues that prevent your staff from being productive.
  • PRO-ACTIVE MONITORING: We detect and alert you of symptoms before they become REAL issues!
  • BACKUP SOLUTION: Protect the data stored on your remote employees' computers at a Canadian data centre.
  • SECURITY SOFTWARE: Our special bundles include an anti-virus/anti-malware solution to protect your users.
  • PHISHING PROTECTION: Web Phishing & Threat Protection to protect against identity theft and fraud.
  • EASY ON-BOARDING: Get your team protected quickly and easily!
  • PEACE OF MIND: Get peace of mind knowing that your team is protected and supported.

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