4 Things that could be impacting your business Wi-Fi

Your employees need reliable, strong Wi-Fi. Listed below are four of the most common things that could be affecting your organization’s Wi-Fi connectivity. 

  1. Building Materials: 

The type of material that your building is built with can have an impact on your wireless communication range and speed. Materials such as concrete, metal and even mirrors have the largest interference level. Wood, plaster and glass are found to have a lower interference levels. 

If you think your wireless connection is being effected by your building materials try moving the wireless device to a different spot. Wi-Fi signal strength can change drastically by moving the device even by just a few feet. Alternately, Wi-Fi extenders can increase your wireless connection as well. 

At SupportMyMac, we use the software Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey & Planner to see where potential access points could be and where interferences are occurring. 

  1. Physical Structures: 

Things like thick walls, trees or even a fish tank can affect the Wi-Fi in your workspace. Based on your building type, things like insulation material, water pipes and air ducts can have an impact on your Wi-Fi signal. It is important to consider where physical structures are located when you are deciding where to install the wireless device in your office space.  

  1. Your Neighbours:  

Is your business space close to another organization’s office? Maybe they are just next door or even in the same building? A neighbouring office has its own radio frequencies, which can interfere with your workspace Wi-Fi. 

If there is more than one network using the same channel, there will be competition for the bandwidth. Technical data doesn’t help you choose the right channel, but rather it is based on the surrounding networks in your workspace. This is thought to be one of the biggest sources of Wi-Fi interference.

  1. Wireless Appliances: 

There are common wireless devices in your surrounding areas that can have an impact on    Wi-Fi due to frequency interference. 

  • Microwave: The closer the router is to the microwave the higher level of network interference there will be. The older the router is the more this holds true.  
  • Cordless Phones: If the cordless phone operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, Wi-Fi interference could take place during call times. 
  • Power Sources: Try not to position your Wi-Fi router near the breaker box or near power lines in the wall.  
  • Other Wireless Devices: This can include things like wireless speakers, baby monitors and garage door openers. 

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