How an IT Assessment can Improve your Productivity

When employees are satisfied with the physical environment that surrounds them, they are often more productive and produce better work outcomes. Your IT environment is one aspect of your workspace that can dramatically increase employee productivity or cause some major headaches. 

An IT Assessment is a review of your current work environment, systems and inventory. At SupportMyMac, our IT Assessment involves an environmental scan as well as a business consultation. One of our technicians will take a look at your work space and provide a business consultation with a summary report and recommendations.  

Environmental Scan: 

In order to work productively, there are certain parts of your IT system that need to be operating properly and to full capacity. During an IT Assessment, some of the key things a technician will look at within your work environment include: 

  • Current IT infrastructure 
  • Types and age of current IT inventory
  • Wi-Fi: Understanding access posts and surrounding areas 
  • Equipment at workstations including monitors, keyboard and mice. 
  • Cloud storage and usage
  • Current backup solutions

Business Consultation: 

Your IT system needs to match your organizational plan and objectives. A key part of an IT Assessment is the business consultation. If your managed service provider doesn’t take the time to understand what you do and your organizational goals how will they help you be more productive? 

In order to improve your IT system to increase productivity, our technician will talk to you about things like: 

  • What type of work you do and the clients you serve 
  • How you do the work you do 
  • What direction you see your organization going in the next 2 to 5 years. 
  • Understand your workflow process 
  • Address any key concerns or problems you currently have 

Shortly after the IT Assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report with information about what the technician noticed is happening with your current IT system as well as a set of recommendations. There will be three stages of recommendations based on what you should do now, as well as short term and long term recommendations in order to improve your IT system.

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