Your Ultimate Guide to Microsoft 365

Is your organization thinking about using Microsoft 365? Implementing a new software can be a tough decision. Business owners want to make sure they’ll see benefit in what they decide to purchase. In this guide, we will break down what you could get with your Microsoft 365 subscription, as well as the pros and cons. Listed below are the six main applications that could be part of your Microsoft 365 package:


The 6 main Microsoft 365 applications


Keep organized with your email, calendar and contacts all in one place.

Word, Excel & PowerPoint Package

Make visually appealing, comprehensive documents, spreadsheets and presentations through these applications.


OneDrive allows you to keep all your files in one place so you can share and collaborate on documents from anywhere.


Share and manage your content, knowledge and applications through SharePoint. It’s a private network accessible only to staff in your organization.

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Just like it sounds this application is a digital notebook, allowing you to write down your thoughts and upcoming tasks all in once place.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a communication platform that allows you to host a variety of meetings, calls and web conferences.


The pros and cons of Microsoft 365

Person using Microsoft OneDrive on tablet and phone

There is a learning curve to every software that your organization implements. We’ve summarized some of the pros and cons of purchasing Microsoft 365. These will help you gather a strong sense of what you’ll be paying for.

Microsoft 365 Pros

  • Security Features: A cloud based solution is not any more or less safe than on-premise solutions. It is how you use it and what security features you chose to implement that can make a difference. Microsoft 365 security features include things like:
    • Encrypted Email: This keeps anyone other than the intended recipient from reading your email.
    • Data Loss Prevention Features: These are policies that check and prevent sensitive information from leaving your organization.
    • Mobile Device Management: This allows you to control features on your employees phones. For example, if a phone gets lost you can wipe it clean, so that no information is released.
  • Mix and Match Plan Options: Not every organization has the same goals or will want the same things within their applications. Microsoft 365 Business has different packages with a variety of programs and features.
  • Collaborate together and work anywhere easily: One of the main reasons that businesses are seeing great benefits from Microsoft 365 is because of the ability to work from anywhere and collaborate easily.

Microsoft 365 cons

  • As previously mentioned, Microsoft 365 is a cloud based service so if the Internet is down you may not be able to access your files.
  • Many organizations don’t like applications that are subscription based. This is how you purchase Microsoft 365.
  • Most people only use 20% of the functionalities within Microsoft 365. Some may think of this as a con since they aren’t getting their moneys worth. At the same time, look at it as an opportunity! There is so much Office 365 can do for your organization that you aren’t currently taking advantage of.
  • Microsoft implements new features often. These features can be hard to keep up with. At the same time, they don’t tend to be large changes. Most of the time you won’t even recognize what the changes are!


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