Why You Need Reliable IT in the Creative Sector

Creative sector employees in a modern office working on their Apple computers.

Agencies in the creative sector rely heavily on IT infrastructure and technology on a daily basis. You need to leverage technology to provide a high level of service to your clients. 

Listed below are the four main areas of office technology that creative agencies rely heavily on but have problems with. These are four areas that need to be up to date and dependable in order for you to succeed.


1. Your Internet Connection

The Internet is a given: every organization needs a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection. It’s at the top of the list because so many IT elements depend on it. Are these 4 factors affecting your office’s Wi-Fi?

Firstly, you need Internet for your communication, both internal and external. The easiest way to connect with your clients is through the Internet, whether by email, a chat on your website, or a video call. Meanwhile, you and your organization use the Internet on a daily basis to get your work done and for your remote services. You use the Internet for your marketing, advertising and to gather ongoing information.  

This step may seem simple but Wi-Fi can get complicated, especially if it’s slow or difficult to connect to. Organizations have different operating systems, types of devices, firewalls and guest networks which all have an impact on your business Wi-Fi. At SupportMyMac, our technicians use the Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Planner to understand your Wi-Fi coverage, your access points and anything that may be interfering with the connection. 

Keep reading to see what else your Wi-Fi connection will be used for.


2. The Amount of Storage You Have

Creative organizations have a variety of files that they need to keep organized and have access too. This can include things like multiple versions of photos, large vector drawings, audio files and videos. Keeping every version of these files is important to the creative and development process. Therefore, there is a high demand for accessible storage space.  

Traditionally, creative organizations were forced to purchase large, expensive hardware that remained onsite. More recently, organizations are transitioning to the use of cloud technology. Cloud technology has accessible storage kept off-site. You are essentially using a remote database that you can connect to through the Internet. This gives you access to the amount of storage you need, as well as backup and stronger security due to your data also being kept offsite.


3. The File Sharing System

File sharing is the process of transmitting data and files from one computer to another through the Internet. You can share all types of files this way, including text documents, graphics, music, videos and images. Often, there is more than one person who has to work on a file. File sharing allows your co-workers to conveniently have the most updated version of your work. The day of having to send multiple email attachments and trying to find the most recent version of the document are over. A file share will save you time and eliminates the manual search through various files.


4. Backup & Recovery

Having a strong backup and recovery solution gives you peace of mind that your work is saved and allows you to stay focused on your creative work. There are different levels of backup solutions. 

At a minimum, you can back up your files on an external piece of hardware. This may work to backup your family photos, but it’s not what we recommend for an entire organization. As we mentioned before, many organizations that use cloud technology also have cloud backup. A cloud service with backup ensures that there is a copy of your work to turn to if something were to happen to your computer. It also stores that copy elsewhere.

As a best practice, you should protect your data through some kind of cloud storage, as well as on an external hard drive or server. This way, if your organization was to fall victim to a disaster, whether a natural disaster or simple human error, your creative files are backed up through the cloud as well as offsite. 

Take the time to properly update these elements of your IT infrastructure. This allows you to leverage the technology on a day to day basis to help you be productive and succeed.


We have many clients in the creative sector! Here’s how we take care of their technology so they can take care of their clients.


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