Webinar: Taking Control of Fonts

Laptop on a desk in a home office

Your marketing and creative teams love fonts. But wrangling their font collections? Not so much. Is font management a challenge?

Creatives need fonts to play their supporting role — consistently and reliably. But font collections can be difficult to view, manage, and activate.

It’s not just about convenience for creative individuals and teams, though.

The challenges of managing fonts can create frictions and bottlenecks that affect creative output. It breaks the flow and drags down productivity. Deadlines can suffer. Costly errors and delays in production can happen.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this font management webinar:

  • Best practices to manage fonts in a team
  • The productivity that comes from better font management
  • Simple solutions to solve font problems
  • Extensis font manager solutions that integrate into your workflow
  • Seamless font auto activation for Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, and others



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