Top Benefits When You Outsource Your Business’ IT Support

IT Support

Does it seem like your organization spends too much time managing their own office IT? There are many benefits for companies that outsource their business IT support, including improved security and more time for employees to focus on what they do best: their jobs!

Businesses outsource to an IT Service Provider to either help set up IT in a new office space, or to make improvements to an existing office space. They can manage things such as office back-up & recovery solutions, wireless connectivity, cloud technology and IT security.

Here are the top benefits of outsourcing your business’ IT support.

Improved cost management

IT can be costly, especially if you aren’t qualified. With an outsourced IT Service Provider there are two key benefits in terms of cost. The first is that your monthly expense is consistent and controlled. You can work with the IT provider to develop a budget and a payment schedule that works for you and your organization. 

Secondly, with the IT Service Provider’s expertise, you are less likely to run into any surprise IT costs. It is their job to keep your IT infrastructure, equipment and workstations up to date. If things need to be changed or updated, they should be able to tell you this in advance so that you can budget and plan accordingly.

Working with experts in the industry

Unless your organization operates in the IT industry, it is probably best to leave IT to the experts. Leaving it to the experts ensures that you aren’t spending your day playing around with the tech in your office. This allows you to focus on your expertise and on what you do best. It was found that 47% of small businesses said the reason they outsourced their IT was to improve their overall IT efficiency.

Improved security

Bearded man in a white collared shirt, sitting at his computer with his hand on his temple, looking downwards.

Your organization’s data security is extremely important. Companies in all industries have been victims of a cyber attack. IT Service Providers specialize in cybersecurity and have the knowledge of different types of attacks (to be able to prevent them) as well as back-up and recovery solutions (in case you do get attacked). Here are some top cyber threats to be aware of.

Knowledge isn’t always enough. An IT Service Providers also has the tools and resources in their toolbox, ready to go, to improve an organization’s security. Calling them instead of trying to DIY a solution certainly saves you from digging through best practices blog posts!

Leaves you and your employees to do what you do best: your jobs

At SupportMyMac, many of our first-time clients are people who have spent far too much time trying to fix a particular IT problem themselves, and it’s only once they’ve totally given up that they call us. By this time they’ve reached their breaking point, having wasted fruitless hours that could’ve been put towards their actual job. Just like hairdressers who fix bad at-home dye jobs, it’s usually best to outsource what you’re not good at, saving time and money in the process! Not everybody can be an expert at everything, and we love taking care of organizations’ IT so they can focus on their work.

Consultation & recommendations for growth

When you outsource your business IT support, you’re getting advice from professionals. An IT Service Provider both maintains the IT systems that you currently have, and it allows for recommendations and continuous consultation to take place. The outsourced provider can inform you about any updates needed, and make improvements to help your overall workflow. They’ll help keep you up to date with IT trends so your company can stay relevant and educated.


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