Wireless Solutions

These days, networking is wireless

All modern businesses need wireless connectivity that works effectively and reliably. Managing this yourself can be a big drain on time and resources, and using non-professionals to manage your wireless networks can create extra problems.

At SupportMyMac our team of Apple experts can take care of your business’s wireless needs, leaving your staff to focus on what they do best.

Why use SupportMyMac for wireless solutions?

  • Downtime due to wireless failures is costly but generally avoidable. We’ll help you avoid downtime and ensure you recover as quickly as possible if you do lose service
  • Wireless security is a serious issue and should be handled by teams like SupportMyMac who know how best to keep your networks safe
  • We’ll monitor for faults and take care of all necessary updates, patches, and repairs
  • Compliance and legal responsibility are important when handling user data wirelessly. We understand Canadian law and make sure you avoid any legal pitfalls
  • We offer a hands-on, practical approach to your wireless solutions, keeping things efficient and secure with our team of proactive experts
  • We specialize in Apple products and know how to manage wireless networks for businesses that use Macs

How We Do It

At SupportMyMac, we use Ubiquity Wireless Access Point technology to maximize your wireless capacity and ensure your wireless networks run smoothly and securely.

Why we use Ubiquity

  • It’s directed at businesses, tailored to enterprises with wireless networks and aimed at helping them get the most out of their technology
  • It allows for lots of scalability, so your hardware can grow with your business
  • Long-range links ensure you’ll always stay connected, no matter where you are

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