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When all you need is a little advice

We know that sometimes all your business might need is a little guidance. That’s why SupportMyMac offers IT consulting services, where we give you advice and support without getting directly involved in your project.

We use our extensive knowledge of IT and Apple to provide tailored, practical solutions. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your IT resources and carry out a successful project.

Why use SupportMyMac for IT consulting?

  • We offer help with IT planning and project management. Every step of the way you can draw on our knowledge and expertise
  • We find weaknesses and areas for improvement, and show you how to fix them
  • We’ll help you stay at the forefront of IT by suggesting the best products and services for you
  • With a great deal of industry experience, we provide advice and guidance that your business can trust
  • We’ve done it all before, on the ground. As practicing managed service providers we have real, practical experience of IT and we know how to transfer that knowledge to you
  • We focus on Apple IT and Macs. Many IT consultants tend to be geared towards PCs or a mix of products. If your business uses Apple computers you’re best to use an Apple expert, and that’s SupportMyMac
  • We understand Canadian law and business practices when it comes to IT, and we can help you work within this

How We Do It

IT Consulting can take many forms. Situations where our expertise can be quite valuable include:

  • Implementing a technology choice program in a large enterprise
  • Integrating Macs in a large Windows-centric environment
  • Best Practices for deploying and managing Apple devices
  • Enterprise Apple Management

Apple Consultants Network

Members of the Apple Consultants Network demonstrate a dedication to professional development; and to ensure the highest quality of customer service, all members are required to hold at least one certification in Mac OS X from Apple. Many members are also certified in other Apple technologies and third-party applications. Consultants not only receive valuable training and the latest technical information about Apple and related third-party products and services, they also have access to other resources that help them stay on the cutting edge of technology.

How can we help?