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IT systems are complex, and it can be hard to know which parts are running smoothly and which need improvement. At SupportMyMac we offer comprehensive IT assessments, where we look at your technology and show you how to make it better.

Our IT assessments can show you where to focus your resources, highlight your weaknesses, and help you get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Why get an IT assessment?

  • We’ll keep you safe by identifying security weaknesses. We’ll show you how to defend your business by keeping the right software installed and up-to-date
  • We’ll make sure your network software is being used properly and maintained effectively
  • We’ll tighten things up, removing unused programs and boosting efficiency and productivity so you get the most out of your IT spending
  • We’ll notice things you might have overlooked, and clearly point out areas that need further attention

How We Do It

Each assessment starts with an evaluation of your current set-up:

  • Warranty Coverage
  • Hardware List & Specifications
  • Operating System Upgrade Paths
  • Core Applications & Software List
  • Current storage utilization & server architecture

Findings Report

Our finding are compiled in a final report which will include an updated workstation inventory list, recommended hardware upgrades, recommended software upgrades and overall IT recommendations.

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