Deployment Services

The deployment of new technology can be time-consuming and costly. We believe having the latest equipment and having it run properly is essential for a well-functioning business. Whether you’re deploying 10, 100 or 1000 Apple devices, we can help you save time, money andreduce downtime. Our job is to ensure you go through a seamless transition to the best technology.

An upward trend in terms of new technology used in the workplace is mobile devices. Once deployment is complete we want to ensure that you have a management system in place and that all mobile devices are working efficiently and securely. When used well, mobile technology can lead to increased convenience and possibilities for remote work.

Why use SupportMyMac for Deployment?

  • It’s cost-effective to use a team of IT professionals, this allows your own staff to focus on their work and what they do best.
  • We will ensure a smooth transition, while minimizing the amount of disruption caused towards your office environment.
  • With our experienced IT team, we can identify any issues throughout the deployment process and fix them accordingly, speeding up the transition process and avoiding any delays.


How We Do It

To help manage your mobile devices as efficiently and securely as possible, our team uses softwares such as JAMF or AirWatch to deliver the very best service that fits your business.

  • JAMF is geared towards Apple products, just like us.
  • JAMF has pre-configured apps, so your staff can start working as soon as their devices switch on.
  • AirWatch allows us to manage the complete App lifecycle, including security, deployment, management and reporting.
  • AirWatch allows us to implement specific settings, policies and rules to keep your devices compliant and secure.


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