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Deployment Services

Seamlessly transition to new technology

Deployment of new technology is time-consuming and costly, but absolutely necessary for a well-functioning business. Having the latest equipment, running properly, is simply too important to overlook. Whether you’re deploying 10, 100 or 1000 Apple devices, we can help you.

Using SupportMyMac to handle your business’s IT deployment has a range of benefits for your business and customers. We save cost, minimize downtime, and ensure a more seamless transition to the best technology.

Why use our deployment services?

  • It’s much more cost-effective to use a team of professionals. We ensure you get the best value for your money, and leave your own staff free to focus on their work
  • We deploy faster, getting your new tech up and running as quickly as possible with minimal downtime and no loss of productivity
  • We minimize the amount of disruption experienced by your customers, ensuring their experience is as positive as possible
  • With our wealth of experience we can identify and tackle any issues as they arise in the deployment process, avoiding delays
  • We’ll ensure a smooth transition, without disrupting or impacting your existing IT services and operations
  • Unlike many other service providers, we focus on Apple products. We know the ins out outs of this technology and how to effectively deploy it
  • We’re an experienced and growing team with a focus on practical, proactive assistance and support every step of the way

How We Do It

SupportMyMac deploys Macs and iPads in a variety of ways.

We use techniques such as Gold master imaging, modular imaging, thin imaging, and apples DEP and VPP Programs.


Particular to Macs

  • We take care of the entire workflow from creation of Golden master to deployment and renaming of computers.
  • We take care of the building of packages and scripts to facilitate modular and thin imaging.
  • We have a lot of experience with mobile device management servers such that we are able to make best use of apples DEP and the workflows associated with it. (JAMF certifications and multiple years of experience) compliance attributes, custom scripts for user desired workflows (make me admin) etc.
  • Only DEP / VPP (or supervised enrollment through configurator) for iPads and MDM which we have experience with.

How can we help?