Preparing Your Employees To Work Remotely

Having employees work remote is a relatively new concept for most organizations. Recent surveys have found that employees who work remotely experience a 25% reduction in their stress levels. It was also reported that 86% of employees claim to be more productive in their home offices. Remote employees can save your organization money by reducing property costs and the amount of office supplies needed. 

It has been found that in order to successfully have an employee work remote there must be a strong strategy in place, clear communication and the ability to have trust in the commitment of your workforce. 

When deciding if having employees work remote is a good option for your organization here are a few things to think about. 

Provide the Proper Tools & Technology: 

Allowing your employees to work remotely may mean that it is time to update and modernize your technology. This is important for both parties, as remote workers need to easily communicate with the team that is working in-house. 

Updating your technology could include things like improving your Wi-Fi connectivity, updating your current softwares as well as making sure you have the proper security and backup measurements in place. 

Use Technology to Keep your Team Engaged: 

It is clear that your technology needs to be up to date so that both remote employees and office employees are able to collaborate to get their work done. One thing that it is important for management to recognize is that these technological tools should be leveraged in a way that keeps your employees engaged with one another. 

Communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams are key to encourage collaboration across your organization no matter where your employees are working from. It is important to take the time to train your employees on these applications so that they can be fully leveraged afterwards on a day to day basis.  

Have Cloud-Based Software Solutions: 

Implementing cloud-based technologies is one of the simplest ways for remote employees to be able to access and share documents. Some of the most popular cloud based softwares include Google Drive or Dropbox.  The days of sending each other documents through email attachments are over. Now, these cloud-based softwares are a centralized storage space allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration. No one is left out of the loop, as staff with busy schedules or staff who are working away from the office can use these features to keep up to date with their clients and co-workers. 

Have the Proper Backup & Security Tactics In Place: 

Remote employees could be working from a variety of places including their home, the airport, a hotel or a coffeeshop. No matter where they are working from it is important that your organization’s files and data are protected. It is important that you have an integrated backup strategy in place. 

Take the time to educate your employees about common cyberattacks and security guidelines. Be sure that they know the best practices in terms of how to protect their work, like setting up a secure business VPN. 

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