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Microsoft Office 365: SharePoint vs OneDrive? What’s the difference?

You have probably heard of Microsoft Office 365. The package of tools you need to help with creativity and productivity within your organization. Two tools within Office 365 that many people find confusing is OneDrive and SharePoint. They both store documents don’t they? So what is the purpose of each tool and why are they different? Let us break that down for you.

You can think of OneDrive as an online folder for your documents, a file storage. SharePoint is a collaboration tool that offers dashboards, calendars and a variety project management tools. Both are available in Office 365 cloud platform. Let’s dive in a bit more.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an Internet based storage platform that keeps your files in one place, making sure your data is securely stored and files can still be shared. One key benefit of OneDrive is that you can easily connect to the Internet and access your files from anywhere. This means you can switch from working on a desktop to an iPad to your mobile device conveniently and simply.

Microsoft offers apps for all of their tools meaning you can create, edit, view or share files while on the go. Collaboration is made easy with real-time updates on your working files. Simply send other employees the files you want them to see and make them Public, meaning they are open for viewing. Alternatively, keep other documents private limiting who has access to them.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a website based collaboration tool that empowers teams to work together across their organization. It gives companies the ability to control access to their data and automate workflows across their business’s departments. You can also store files in SharePoint but the collaboration piece is the add-on to this tool.

Many companies use SharePoint as their main tool for document and file collaboration. It allows you to easily share and collaborate on files with real-time updates. The tool is an innovative way to engage with your employees but it also is changing the way organizations set up their company processes. Some of SharePoint’s key features include:

  • Receive notifications when documents are uploaded or changed.
  • Create new workflows and use logic to automate actions. This includes features like the immediate sending of an email request or information being recorded into a spreadsheet automatically.
  • Approve complex workflows before employees get started on their next task to limit mistakes and downtime.

In conclusion, OneDrive offers team members a place to easily access and store files. Sharing and tracking document version is made easy as the tool is one large online folder system. With SharePoint, you are giving your team a collaborative workspace with a variety of features like dashboards, calendars, notification and task updates. Both tools have their benefits and can be used effectively depending on your organization’s goals.

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