How to Stay Protected from Ransomware — and how SupportMyMac can Help

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Ransomware is a serious issue, and it’s one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In 2017, the number of different ransomware types tripled as attackers gained new methods and skills.

What’s more, between 2016 and 2017 the number of emails infected with ransomware increased by a jaw-dropping 6000%. These are just some of the terrifying statistics surrounding the current ransomware epidemic which has included massive, global attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya.

Ransomware attacks generally involve hackers taking control of a company’s data and files, and requesting a ransom for its safe return or unlocking. Even without paying the ransom, the costs of downtime and subsequent repairs can be devastating for a company.

The good news is that you don’t have to live in fear. There are many things companies and individuals can do to reduce the risk of an attack and recover quickly in the worst case scenario.

What can you do?

There are multiple steps your company can take to ensure they stay protected from ransomware and are prepared for an attack. It’s always best to work with an MSP like SupportMyMac, but there’s still plenty your staff can do today to boost their defences.

Keep your staff informed and educated

Defence against ransomware is most effective when everyone works together, so it’s a good idea to keep all your staff in the loop and well informed. This includes taking simple steps, like:

  • Stay away from sites that are clearly untrustworthy and spammy. NEVER give any sensitive information to a website unless you’re certain it can be trusted
  • Be careful when handling emails, especially those that look suspicious or come from outside the company. NEVER open links or attachments in emails you didn’t expect or don’t trust
  • Be aware of what you’re installing, and don’t install any software before discussing it with IT staff
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry. If something doesn’t look right, alert an IT manager or contact us — we operate in normal business hours and respond quickly

Have a backup plan that works

Nobody wants to suffer a ransomware attack, but occasionally even the most well-defended companies can fall victim. Proof of this can be seen in the giant global corporations that were hit by attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya last year.

  • Be ready for the worst with a comprehensive and actionable backup and recovery plan
  • Make sure your files are backed up, so any lost data can be quickly restored
  • Ensure that the relevant staff know where important data is stored, and what to do in a crisis so they can act quickly and decisively
  • Check out SupportMyMac’s backup and disaster recovery plan, which is designed to help your business get back on its feet rapidly, with minimal downtime and cost

Keep your software up to date

Out-of-date software is a massive vulnerability for businesses. Ransomware is always evolving, so security software has to update constantly to stay ahead. For that reason, it’s crucial to keep your systems updated and working properly.

  • Install updates right away, and ensure any bugs or glitches are addressed and patched
  • Regular monitoring and updating can feel like a chore, but the consequences of not doing this can be dire
  • At SupportMyMac we take care of this so your staff can focus on their own jobs. We provide regular health checkups and monitor your systems on an ongoing basis

At SupportMyMac, security is one of our key concerns. We take cyber security extremely seriously, and take multiple steps to protect your business from ransomware and all other attack vectors.

Here’s a quick recap of how we keep your business safe:

  • We monitor your IT systems constantly, ensuring everything is running smoothly and remaining on the lookout for anything suspicious or harmful
  • We keep your software up-to-date and working properly by installing any necessary updates and making regular repairs. We make sure there are no ‘weak spots’ for attackers to target
  • We ensure a quick response in a crisis with solid backup and recovery plans. We make sure downtime is minimized so you don’t lose out
  • We’re experienced and professional, with a track record of providing practical and effective solutions to security issues
  • We’re Apple specialists, unlike many other MSPs. That means we understand your Apple tech well, and know exactly how to safely manage it

To find out how SupportMyMac can help your business with proactive and professional managed services, call us at 613-693-1964