How to leverage technology to create a great employee experience

Human capital is an area that organizations are continuously looking for new ways to innovate. Building a strong, inclusive organizational culture with a high level of employee engagement is essential to every company’s success. According to Forbes, companies focusing on employee experience tend to have four times the average profit and more than twice the average revenue.  With continuous advances in technology, it’s important to implement the proper tools to keep your employees engaged and motivated. In today’s blog, we have highlighted four ways that we believe organizations can use technology to improve organizational culture and employee engagement.

  1. Use digital to redesign internal processes: 

Organizations of all sizes continuously have multiple projects and tasks on the go. Top management often talks about the importance of having strong internal processes as it helps keep employees clear on business goals and improves efficiencies. Your organization’s technology should compliment this process. 

Given that you have strong Wi-Fi, appropriate hardware and strong security, a project management software tool can be found very useful. It can help with project planning, project progression, resource allocation, budgeting and overall communication. Often, it is organizations with multiple offices or employees who work remotely who have seen great benefit through the implementation of this type of tool. 

  1. Implement Cloud Based Solutions

The amount of data that organizations collect is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. This makes it difficult for companies to store their data in-house. Cloud based technology is a solution to this problem. A cloud based system allows employees to access documents and files without having to keep them on their own computer. The data is stored in a cloud-based application that employees can then access from their computer. A recent Dell report indicated that companies that invest in cloud technology result in 53% faster revenue growth compared to competitors.

Cloud technology helps drive business growth but it also improves employee productivity and overall moral. The tool makes it easier for employees to collaborate on projects and complete assigned tasks. Once a working file is uploaded into the cloud, team members can view and share the information securely. Many cloud based applications provide social spaces that allow you to easily connect employees and collaborate across the organization. Your documents and files can be accessed through a variety of devices, keeping things simple for employees who work remotely or travel often. Have questions? We’ve previously written about The Importance of the Cloud.

  1. Improves Recruitment Strategies

In the past decade, technology has drastically impacted Human Resource departments, changing the way that they promote their company and recruit employees. The labor market is becoming increasingly competitive with companies continuously looking for new ways to attract top talent.

Using technology to create content that is later splashed across social media helps candidates learn more about your organization’s company, culture and job offerings. Creating engaging content to leverage on social sites is a new method of recruitment that is expected to continue in the future. 

Technology has also lifted the barrier of location based recruiting. Leveraging video and mobile interviews and later having the option to work remotely has changed the way recruiters communicate with candidates. It was found that more than 60% of companies are now using video interview for their hiring. Technology has decreased the amount of time it takes to hire and on-board a candidate. 

  1. Leverage Technology for on-boarding and training

A structured on-boarding process is important so new employees learn and appreciate the company goals, values and processes. An engaging training process should be implemented to get employees up and running but most importantly to get them motivated and excited about their new role. Technology can be used to make this process more engaging. Training that is implemented through technology also makes it easier for management to track the status of completion and follow-up if necessary. 

An accelerated, high-level, technology training process can also entice more social interactions at an earlier stage amongst employees. This has been seen to improve employee engagement, increasing the likelihood of the new hire’s success within the organization.

There are numerous advantages when it comes to implementing technology within your organization. It can have a large impact on your employees and organizational culture creating a positive, productive workspace for all team members.  



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