As part of our deployment, this tool provides us with information to ensure we configure the web filtering based on your preferences:

Cyber Threat Protection and Web Filtering: Configuration

Setup form for Cyber Threat Protections and Web Filtering.

Do your employees use company provided computers or do employees bring their own devices. (BYOD)
In addition to protecting your work network, would you like to also protect computers when they are offsite? (E.g. Corporate computers working from home or out of the office)
Do you provide Guest Wi-Fi Access(Required)
Web Filtering Categories - Base Configuration(Required)
Our base configuration blocks are the following selected categories. Please deselect any of blocks you don't require.
Additional Web Filtering Categories(Required)
I would like the following additional categories to be blocked. (Please check all that apply).This can be modified anytime by contacting our team.
Enforce Safe Search(Required)
SafeSearch can help you filter sexually explicit content from your results.
If a legitimate website is blocked, an option can be enabled to allow your users to submit a request to have it unblocked. A person at your company (email below) would receive this request.If you do not want this option enabled, you can leave it blank.
The monthly report of blocked threats and websites should be sent to which email address? If multiple emails are needed, please separate them by a comma.