Conference Call Bingo

SupportMyMac's Conference Call Bingo card sitting on a wooden desk, in front of a laptop

We’re using more conference calls and video conference calls lately to have meetings. (Zoom parties, anyone?) Sometimes these meetings can be enjoyable and productive, and sometimes they can feel more painful than people replying-all to an email thread. There are some conference call difficulties that can only be improved with a fun, work-appropriate game, so we made this Conference Call Bingo card to help!

Here’s how to use it:

  • Click “Get the Bingo Card Here” (below) to open the document.
  • Print it out and keep it where you usually take your conference calls.
  • On your next call, put a paperclip over every cliché you hear.
  • Feel an immense sense of accomplishment when you complete a row!




SupportMyMac Zoom Conference Call Bingo Card


Don’t forget to share the Conference Call Bingo card with your friends and colleagues to spread the fun!

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