When asked what keeps a Creative Services Manager in a major federal department awake at night, one SupportMyMac client answers quickly and simply: “Data protection.”

This Manager’s group is composed of 40 Mac users. Like most Mac users in the federal government, their machines are connected to one another, but segregated from the broader departmental network. The Manager’s group produces videos and provides graphic design services for the entire department. Their operation includes an in-house video recording studio with dedicated technicians.

Their core clients are the department’s Programs and Services units, as well as the Minister’s office.


Apple hardware and software are more than just industry-standard tools for this team; they’re a must—particularly for video production. But because PC-based hardware and software is the IT standard for federal departments and agencies, achieving buy-in and support for Macs remains challenging. For this reason, creative teams tend to work on ‘Mac islands’ that lie outside of standard IT support and budgeting.

The team in question was able to bring senior decision makers on board with their technology needs, but had to operate without IT support. While the everyday maintenance of their machines, software, licenses, and network were an ongoing challenge (especially given that the team is composed of designers, not IT specialists), it was the risk associated with data protection that really troubled the Manager.

“I was spending nearly all of my time addressing technical issues instead of doing my real job.”
- Creative Services Manager


“All of our video and graphic design data is on a centralized machine inside our office,” explains the Manager. “If anything were to go wrong, we would have significant challenges. Though our data never contains personal or sensitive information, replacing the painstakingly rendered graphics and video files would be costly and extremely difficult. In addition, our department’s culture is such that we are very vigilant about backing up. And as a busy service provider to the department, we need to be able to back up our data while remaining operational.”

Because Mac technologies lie outside the auspices of this department’s IT mandate, the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of this required technology must be assumed by the employees.

“We were extremely busy and I was spending nearly all of my time addressing technical issues instead of doing my real job. We knew we needed ongoing IT assistance,” says the Manager. “So I needed to find qualified support for Apple infrastructure, hardware, and software.”


After receiving a recommendation from a trusted Mac expert, the Manager brought in SupportMyMac to assess the team’s infrastructure and identify security vulnerabilities. In addition to evaluating physical assets, SupportMyMac assessed the group’s MOU with internal IT to help develop a solution that not only keeps the design shop functioning smoothly, but allows them to regularly report their operational status to senior management.

SupportMyMac was flexible, knowledgeable and understanding of the team’s financial constraints. “They worked with us to deliver services that worked within the spirit and letter of our fiscal processes,” adds the Manager.

While SupportMyMac was originally engaged to assist with the team’s operational environment, they are now embarking on a comprehensive plan for data redundancy.

“I know few government ‘Mac islands’ that have the depth of solution we’ve been able to achieve,” explains the Manager. “SupportMyMac was key in making this happen.”

Benefit: Peace of Mind

The Manager is happy that when someone from Creative Services calls SupportMyMac, they get a technical expert who is knowledgeable—and
they get fast service. “It’s like having our own help desk,” says the Manager. SupportMyMac often takes the extra proactive step of contacting the Creative Services team to update them when something new and relevant is coming up that will affect their Mac solution.

SupportMyMac’s solutions have opened up time for the Manager to be a productive member of the design team.

“I actually get to do more design work these days...and even take holidays.” concludes the Manager, who now has peace of mind that SupportMyMac will take care of both emerging larger issues and ongoing deployments and maintenance.

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