Are You Having Wi-Fi Problems in Your Office?

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Wi-Fi problems at the office are not the same as Wi-Fi problems at home. It’s always frustrating having Wi-Fi that you can’t connect to, or slow Wi-Fi with poor coverage. The difference when this happens in the workplace is that there’s the added stress of how it affects your business. 

Many people don’t realize all the things that can interfere and disrupt Wi-Fi networks. Building materials, trees, microwaves and even neighbouring offices can all have an impact.

At SupportMyMac, we use the Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey & Planner to scan your existing network and surrounding areas to help improve your Wi-Fi connectivity. Simply give us your floor plan, and we can assess your needs!

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Setting up Wi-Fi in a new office space

It can be intimidating to set up Wi-Fi in a new office space. Make sure to do it right, right from the start, so there is full coverage everywhere. Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey & Planner uses algorithms to predict where the best spots for wireless access points will be based on walls, materials and windows. 

Later, a technician can go back with the original plan and scan to see if there are any changes to make based on surrounding area factors.


Wi-Fi help in an existing office space

To evaluate Wi-Fi in an existing office space, a technician will visit your office and use their device, a laptop and the Ekahau solution to scan your network and surrounding areas. They’ll see readings such as the strength and speed of your current network, and can identify any outside interferences and radio frequencies. 

There are many factors that can be affecting your Wi-Fi.  After the scan, you will receive a comprehensive report with all the information that the technician gathered.

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Let’s look at a few examples

1.  A restaurant

Let’s say that your restaurant uses wireless devices to take payments from customers. You currently have four, sometimes five payment devices with one access point. You work out of an older building with strong concrete materials surrounding you. In this situation, there are a few key factors that will have an impact on your Wi-Fi connectivity. These include:

  • The concrete walls 
  • One access point 
  • The amount of payment devices
  • Surrounding outside factors within your area

With all of these factors, your Wi-Fi may not be meeting your business needs. 

Using the Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey & Planner software, we can analyze your specific situation and suggest the changes that would improve your Wi-Fi connectivity.

2.  A hotel

Alternatively, you could be in the hospitality industry, working at a hotel. Your guests will expect Wi-Fi in their rooms, but these days it is also generally expected to have Internet access anywhere on the property. This means from the front in the lobby while guests are waiting for their luggage, to the  back when they are lounging by the pool. Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey & Planner works both indoors and outdoors, and would be able to assess the entire area. Our technicians can use the software to decide where your access points should be, which direction they should face, and any other interferences in the surrounding areas. 

In addition to hotels, we have also seen companies in the restaurant, education and entertainment industries require outdoor Wi-Fi assessments, as well as corporate office spaces with rooftop patios or outdoor meeting spaces.


For more information about how can solve Wi-Fi problems at your office, please read more, or contact us today.

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