Save Your Organization Money with Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is changing the way organizations of all sizes are doing business, and many find that they save money in the process. The cloud refers to a centralized location on the Internet that stores your files and data so that they are accessible anytime, anywhere and from any connected device.

Here are some key ways that implementing cloud technology into your organization can save you money.

Consolidation of Applications

Having a separate application for all your business needs is not a good use of money or resources. Big companies like Microsoft and Google have cloud-based version of their traditional office suites. For example, Microsoft offers Microsoft 365 which includes video conferencing, Skype, instant message connectivity as well as many other features. Likewise, Google Apps for Business is a cloud based solution that has things like email, a calendar scheduling application and Google Docs. 


Many cloud based solutions now have automatic backups happening multiple times throughout the day. This means that your files are consistently being saved throughout the work day, which means employees don’t ever have to remember to press the “save” button. Imagine having to get every employee to save their work every 15 minutes, thats interrupting them roughly 32 times a day. The automation process allows them to stay productive and focused on their work. 

Reduced Hardware Costs

Normally, your file storage, data backup and software programs all take up space on your server and computers. You can cut back on system hardware costs. By using cloud technology your data is stored on someone else’s server, freeing up your in-house computers.

Increased Flexibility

Using cloud technology increases flexibility for your organization in a variety of ways:

  • Storage: You can increase your cloud storage space as you grow and need it.
  • Training: Transitioning is relatively simple for employees, even those with minimal training. The solutions are user-friendly for people of all technological background levels.
  • Remote access: Cloud technology allows for employees to access their files from different locations. With more employees travelling for work or working remotely, this gives them the flexibility to look at and work on files while out of the office.

Lower Usage of Power and Space

The cloud makes it easier to consolidate servers and make better use of your hardware: this saves space and cuts power costs for everyone. Organizations that have idle tech equipment are wasting both money and energy. The decrease in space and power saves money on office space, equipment and electricity. Your organization is not only saving money but you’re helping the environment as well.


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