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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Macs Instead of PCs

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Macs were traditionally associated with creative industries like graphic design and marketing, but over time more and more businesses have started to adopt Apple technology.

There are several good reasons for this, but many businesses still view Macs with suspicion and hesitate before making the change.

A common criticism leveled at Macs is their high cost. But while they don’t come cheap, they’re generally comparable to high-end PCs in terms of price tag, and tend to offer superior performance.

It’s easy for businesses to stick to what they know and keep relying on PCs, but there are a ton of reasons to consider switching to Macs.

Let’s dive into a few of the bigger ones.

Macs are secure

Macs are known to be safer than PCs. As a rule they get fewer viruses, and are targeted less by hackers and cyber criminals. Their sturdy iOS operating system offers solid defence against most attacks, and cyber defence should be towards the top of any business’s list of priorities.

According to research by Gartner, IT organizations spend an average of $2000 to $2300 per user, per year to secure their PCs. That’s a big chunk of anyone’s budget, and Macs are cheaper to manage.

Of course, Macs aren’t invincible. You’ll still need to keep them secure and loaded with the most up-to-date defense strategies, and SupportMyMac can help you with this.

They’re user friendly

One of the biggest selling points of Apple products is their notorious accessibility and user-friendliness.

A common worry among PC-based companies is that their staff will struggle to adapt to an entirely new kind of technology if they switch to Apple. This shouldn’t put anyone off making the change, though, because Macs are so easy to get used to.

Macs are designed to be user-friendly and pleasant to work with, which could lead to your employees becoming happier and more productive.

They work well with other Apple devices

iPhones and iPads still dominate the smartphone and tablet markets. Despite being more highly-priced than many of their competitors, Apple devices reign supreme because of their user-friendly nature and long standing popularity.

This makes them ideal gadgets for businesses, because not only are they easy and pleasant to use, but they also help companies put out a tech-savvy and trendy image.

But how does this link to Macs? Well, it’s easier to run a network of Apple devices when your IT infrastructure is based around a Mac ecosystem.

They have great build quality

Macs are known for being high-performance machines with a strong build quality. They last a long time, and rarely run into faults or performance issues.

This feature alone is worth paying for, as over time it can save big money on repairs and maintenance. A durable and reliable IT infrastructure is a massive boost to pretty much any modern day business, and Macs can help achieve that.

They have awesome support software

Apple users can draw on a whole range of great software to help manage their fleet of Macs and make their lives easier.

One example of this is JAMF, which we use at SupportMyMac to help manage your Apple systems. It comes with a whole host of neat features to keep your IT running securely and effectively, taking the burden off your shoulders.

They look great

Beauty, of course, is only skin-deep. That said, there are lots of very real reasons why businesses can benefit from looking more up-to-date with tech trends, and Macs are a great way to do that.

With their sleek design and recognisable appearance, Macs say: ‘We care about our image’. They show that your business is unafraid to spend good money on its IT and prevent you from seeming behind the times.

An office kitted out with top-of-the-range Apple computers just looks… better.

SupportMyMac exists to support businesses that use Macs. We understand Apple technology and how to help you get the most out of it.

To find out how SupportMyMac can help your business with proactive and professional managed services, call us at 613-693-1964


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