Real Estate


  • For realtors moving to Mac, integrate Apple’s iPad to your workflow
  • The SupportMyMac crew can help you with the transition from your existing software. Among a multiple series of features, iPad will give you Online Agent and Migrate Data (contacts, notes, etc.)
  • iPad can be integrated into your entire sales process and business operation
  • Onsite and offsite backups can be bundled with your service plans


  • iPad will also give you wireless for your office and easy transference to MLXchange
  • You’ll be able to track contacts, opportunities, communications, and multiple tasks with Marketcircle’s Daylite
  • Mac iPad will keep you on the go and while you are you’ll always be connected with revolutionary tools that scale
  • Access MLXchange with your iPad or laptop
  • You can back up your data onsite and offsite to our secure data centres in Canada
  • iPad will make your demos with your customers up close and personal, wherever they are and wherever you are
  • With iPhone, iPad, and Mac you’ll enjoy total wireless freedom