Healthcare Organizations

8 reasons why your clinic needs SupportMyMac's ProClinic IT

  • Top notch support – One point of contact for everything IT and network related. Our system continually measures our response time and provides us with reports of our performance. We strive to provide the highest quality of customer support.
  • Remote, onsite or phone - There are many ways to support your network & users. Remote technologies allow us to provide short response times!
  • Practice Solutions helpline - PS Suite issues can also be handled by our team. Our internal database collects all of the known problems and solutions across several other clinics in the area.
  • Proactive - Our monitoring software let us proactively monitor and detect any problems before they happen. Your clinic is always being looked after.
  • Cutting edge technology - We stay at the cutting edge of technology so you don’t have to. We continually evaluate, test and review new hardware and software solutions. We provide innovative solutions to common business processes.
  • Minimized downtime = cost savings – Important cost savings due to increased employee productivity and minimized downtime. Let your employees focus on what they do best - running your medical practice not managing your network!
  • Scheduled site visits - A service agent will be assigned to your account and will schedule onsite visits with you for maintenance and support.
  • Protect business data - Bundled with ProClinic is our continuous offsite backup for Mac & PC - a system completely managed by our team. Daily reports advise us of any problems so your data is always protected. The accounting PC in the back - who’s making sure its backups are working?

Case Study

“The St-Joseph Family Medicine Clinic has seen an increase in productivity due to lower downtime and less IT/network related issues. Doctors can accomplish more remotely thanks to an increase in their connection speed. The medical staff can now rely on a robust network and computer environment.”

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Business Grade Firewalls - Protect your clinic from outside threats and hackers.

Ultra-Fast Remote Access to PS Suite from home.

  • Secure Remote access solutions for doctors, physicians, and staff. Our remote access solution allows physicians to connect from locations such as hotels and hospitals.

  • Hosted Email for your Medical Clinic.

    Enterprise Wireless Network.

  • A custom tailored wireless network allows your patients, while on premise, to access the Internet (secure, isolated network).
  • Secure Wireless for staff including doctors and physicians and the provision of wireless services for patients and guests

  • Standardized configuration and consistent user experience.

  • Standardized configuration and consistent user experience on all workstations; and by implementing a limited user account strategy prevents users from modifying settings.

  •  8 things you need to consider when installing an Electronic Medical Record
     7 things you should know about your eHealth Ontario SSHA connection

    • Onsite consultation with technical team
    • Review hardware to ensure systems are compatible
    • Evaluate operating system compatibility
    • Upgrade plan with minimized downtime
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    • ProClinic – SupportMyMac proprietary services offering specifically geared to new or existing medical clinics
    • Using SupportMyMac’s managed services reduce support costs. Fully managed IT services for the medical clinic. SupportMyMac builds trust and confidence by overseeing and managing the full slate of IT functions including Practice Solutions, Internet Service Provider, to Documentation
    • Assisting medical clinics transitioning to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) such as Practice Solutions™ EMR from from TELUS Health
    • Collaborating with Telus Health to support medical clinics with PS Suite EMR
    • IT services and products compliant with eHealth Ontario and OntarioMD funding
    • Enterprise Networking Design – Network infrastructure planning and deployment.
    • Ongoing technical assistance, consultation, and support with the SupportMyMac team with the inclusion of training and business processes review
    • Track progress on IT issues through the use of SupportMyMac’s Help Desk system
    • Proactive monitoring of your servers and network hardware identifies and eliminates potential problems before they happen. Achieve total control over your network including the ability to block access to social media sites, video sharing, potentially explicit websites, etc.