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Risk-free engagement.

  • Our in-depth experience means we understand Government security requirements and constraints.
  • Our flexible pricing options ensure that you can easily comply with the spirit and the letter of procurement parameters.
  • We maintain active federal reliability and security clearances.
  • We offer our services in both official languages.

We have a special offer for Apple workgroups in the federal government.

Engaged workers. Protected assets. Service excellence for Canadians.

Get the most from your existing Apple assets and gain greater efficiency and productivity from your team. Our solution and services empower you to:

  • Quickly enable collaboration.
  • Benefit from fast time-to-productivity with turnkey services for file management, storage, and back-up.
  • Ensure full compliance with GoC and departmental security protocols.
  • Gain a trusted advisor to ensure the health of your Mac ecosystem and implement proactive best practices.
  • Easily address the ongoing challenges of maintaining a fleet of Macs.

SupportMyMac’s team of experienced professionals are experts in planning, integrating, and optimizing complex Apple networks—for graphic design and video-editing teams, broadcast organizations, enterprise workgroups, and multi-server office environments.

We are also the National Capital Region’s premier certified member of the Apple Consultants Network. We continually maintain the rigorous standards required for our multiple Apple certifications.

Solutions for Government

File Sharing and Collaboration

File Sharing and Collaboration

Eliminate duplication of effort for faster, better results while you empower everyone to collaborate without versioning issues.

  • Enjoy easy scalability to hundreds of Terabytes of storage.
  • Get fast throughput for immediate access to files on the central server.
  • Provide secure Web portal access to specific directories for collaboration with stakeholders like printing companies.
  • Benefit from a fully supported solution for ease of mind.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Data Security: Backup, Storage, and Machine Protection

Our solution automates and right-sizes your backup and storage systems and helps you plan for ongoing machine protection for every one of your Mac workstations.

  • Automatically back up files at each stage of the project to protect against accidental deletion, hardware failure, or environmental block.
  • Automatically direct completed files to cold archive.
  • Enjoy double back up with offsite storage using an incremental, encrypted, compressed, and password-protected solution—for added security in case of physical loss or damage on site.
  • Ensure that your local storage solution can accommodate your current and future requirements, whether your operation is small but needs fast transfer speeds or is large and growing, requiring power and scalability.
  • Develop and implement standards for what gets loaded on new machines, ongoing license management, OS level consistency, and other elements of machine protection.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Remote Access/VPN

Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution provides full backup and security: enjoy always-on access to your files from any Web-enabled device.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Project Management and Tracking

Better project tracking means improved efficiency and effectiveness and lends greater clarity to your projects – for better transparency, built-in restraints, fairness, and cost stewardship.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Digital Asset Management

As it grows over the years, your cache of digital assets can amount to thousands of images that must be stored, archived, and managed, while remaining highly searchable.

  • Easily tag and search images by keyword, project, or other attribute to quickly find what you need.
  • Catalogue your files in the ways that make most sense for your organization.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Font Management

Ensure that all members of your team have all of the fonts you own and use while respecting and complying with licensing agreements.

  • Comprehensively manage your team’s font load.
  • Prevent non-authorized and non-certified use of fonts.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Maintenance and Support

Gain full assurance that a team of seasoned professionals is here to help you deal with technical issues as they come up, from problems with printer drivers, network issues, and software glitches, to regular Flash and security updates.

  • Ongoing maintenance, including software updates, patches, software distribution.
  • Machine rollout standardization.
  • Asset refresh.