Parallels Server for Mac

Power to every server Parallels Server for Mac is the world’s first server virtualization software to power a host of industry-leading server applications – including Microsoft Exchange, Oracle Database, Microsoft SharePoint, and Intel-based Apple Xserves. The ability to seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures makes Parallels Server for Mac the ideal solution for organizations looking to consolidate and optimize their overall IT infrastructures and reduce costs.

Get more; manage less Parallels Server for Mac also maintains critical server systems such as corporate email and databases. It can create more development and IT flexibility, and address the increasing demand for Mac platform support. There’s no longer any need to multi-task on different machines. Parallels’ desktop virtualization solutions will convert underused machines into hosts for virtual machines, including machines currently running legacy or Windows-only software. Workers can now have access to the applications they need, while the organization manages less computing resources.

Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMWare Fusion 3

Integrate Macs to Windows Parallels Desktop for Mac will turn a Mac into the only computer that will run every major operating system and native application. IT professionals use Parallel Desktop for Mac to integrate Macs into Windows-only environments, and by doing so not only do they succeed at reducing desktop complexity, they increase user flexibility and productivity.

Side-by-side With Parallels Desktop 6 and (or) VMWare Fusion 3, Mac users can run Windows applications on their Mac without rebooting. Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac enhanced DirectX functionality makes graphic intensive programs a breeze. When you’re on the go, Parallels Mobile app. allows you to remotely access your Windows programs from your iPad or iPhone. You can also turn down the Windows environment while using its applications. Those new to Mac can also keep the familiar Windows background and Start Menu on their Macs. Bottom-line, with VMWare Fusion 3 and Parallel Server 6 for Mac you can run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without compromising performance.