Mac OS X Server

iCal Server

iCal Server

Using iCal Server allows you to share calendars, schedule meetings, and coordinate events within a given workgroup, small business, or a large enterprise. iCal’s built on open standard protocols and integrates with all leading calendar programs on the market. You’ll also have web interface, and with its embedded push technology, you’re able to instantly notify your colleagues of any changes. Moreover, with iCal there’s no per-user license arrangement.

iCal Server

Address Book Server

Sync and Store Mac’s Address Book Server in Snow Leopard makes it easy to access and synchronize your contacts across multiple computers. Plus, you can synchronize contacts to your iPhone when you want to access your contacts on the go.

Mail, iChat, and More Users can access contacts directly from the Address Book application and new contacts are accessible on all of your Macs and immediately available to applications that include Mail, iChat, and more. Further, Address Book Server allows users to search for their personal contacts and acts as a portal that allows users to search for contacts within an organization’s directory service.

iCal Server

Podcast Producer

Encoding, Publishing – Facilitate Training, Lectures… With Mac’s Podcast Producer you’ll not only have a complete end-to-end solution for encoding, publishing, and distributing premium-quality podcasts, you’ll have an ideal solution for employee training, lectures, presentations, and more.

Organization-wide Sharing Podcast Producer now gives you a broad range of options for capturing, creating, and publishing podcasts, making it easy to share crucial information to employees throughout your organization. And because Podcast is a workflow-based solution, it automates details including the encoding of content into specific file formats, adds standard title frames, and opens videos.

Express for Single or Multiple Servers With Server Admin’s new set-up assistant, its express mode feature gives you fast setup for a single server or a cluster of servers. Podcast Producer 2’s Quick Time X encodes content into standard formats including H.264 and MPEG-4. There’s more.

Automate With Podcast Composer you can create your own workflows to automate the completion and publishing of podcasts; and with Podcast Capture you can record at will.

iCal Server

Wiki Server

Create, Upload, Comment, and Access on the Go… With Mac OS X Server’s Wiki-powered intranet website, communication between work groups is simple and easy. A group calendar feature, blog, and mailing list allow users to create and edit Wiki pages, tag and cross-reference material, upload files and images, add comments, use Quick Look with attachments, and access pages directly from their own computer or iPhone.

Project-specific Websites… Authenticated users can use Wiki to exchange files, upload shared documents, images, and movies for distribution as well as tracking document revisions; plus a shared calendar helps users meet deadlines and milestones. Users can also select from 20 built-in themes with different colours, fonts, and layout styles that will allow you to create custom and project-specific websites, and it’s easy to add, delete or edit content. Further, users need not worry whether they have syntax or mark-up knowledge, for what they’ll see on the screen is exactly what they’ll get.

iCal Server

Mobile Access Server

Secure Access, No VPN… While maintaining lock-tight secure remote access to your business network, Mac’s Mobile Access Server makes it easy for your employees to tap into your corporate network without special configuration and extra layers of authentication. Provided the user has access to an Internet connection, Mobile Access Server provides Mac and iPhone users in virtually any location always-on, always-secure access to firewall-protected services including corporate websites, online business applications, email, calendars, contacts and more without having to use VPN.

Authenticated and Controlled Communications between Macs and iPhones… Easily and seamlessly integrating into your organization’s directory server, Mobile Access Server uses robust Transport Layer Security (TLS) that provides strong encryption and authentication of communication between iPhones, Macs, and the private network. Further, Mobile Access Server can also reduce traffic by sending through only that information that is accessed and destined for the corporate network, and your IT administrator can choose to restrict access through the Server to a specific set of users and groups within an organization.

iChat Server

iChat Server

Absolute Interaction Mac’s iChat Server gives your employees the power of instant, secure and confidential messaging, providing more effective interaction. Users may also transfer files safely, share a persistent chat room, and conduct an audio conference. iChat’s Theatre feature facilitates the broadcast of presentations, movies, or photo slideshows to other iChat users.

Macs, PCs and iPhones iChat’s Server is based on Jabber the industry-standard IM protocol (also known as XMPP) that enables support for Macs using iChat and other Jabber users that may be running on PCs or iPhone. Users can also send messages to those offline, thereby combining the advantages of IM with the advantages of email. Users on iChat can also exchange secure IMS with other users on another network, providing that both servers are accessible via the Internet.

File Sharing

File sharing

Rapid Collaboration For the most cost-effective way to share files between Macs and PCs, whether locally or over the Internet, Mac OS X Server is the answer. Today’s Snow Leopard Servers are up to 2.3x faster than previous versions for rapid file sharing performance. Improved collaboration between workgroups is facilitated through shared folders on the server instead of storing work on individual computers.

Go Back in Time in Real Time Mac OS X Server provides a Time Machine feature that allows users to go back and retrieve their data and make corrections to any errors. Valuable data is preserved and protected by backing up a user’s previous Mac versions to the server or another designated hard drive.

Cross-platform and Scalable Disk space on individual hard drives can be freed up or the need for backup drives can be totally eliminated. Users can also share files between Mac, Windows, Unix, and Linux systems and benefit from rich file system access control, directory integration, and more. Moreover, Mac OS X Server is scalable to evolving needs.

File Sharing

Mail Services

ISP Redundant Mail services in Snow Leopard Server is an ideal solution for small businesses or for companies without a mail server. You’ll be able to bring email in house and still use your own domain name without having an ISP to host your email.

Multi-high-end Mail Features Moreover, Mac’s Mail Server in Snow Leopard Server is powered by a new and robust engine that can outperform high-end enterprise-class mail servers. Integrating seamlessly into your network, your outbound mail is forwarded or relayed through your company’s mail servers. You’ll also have junk mail filtering, virus detection and quarantine, security, push email, vacation messages and server-side rules, mailing lists, mail service clustering, and more.

File Sharing

Web Hosting

Basic and Advanced – Have it Both Ways With Mac OS X Server you’ll have a solution that eliminates the complexity inherent to configuring, hosting, and managing websites. Powered by Apache, its intuitive administration interface makes the development of static websites easy while still providing professional webmasters with advanced capabilities and sophisticated services.

Multiple, Scalable, Collaborative Mac OS X Server gives you Java server performance, secure web services, advanced video streaming, scalable web hosting, the ability to host multiple websites, and WebDav for collaborative web publishing, and more.

File Sharing

Spotlight Server

Fast and Fluid Workgroup Interaction Designed for instantaneous search results, Spotlight Server is perfect for workgroups with shared documents, projects, and files. By combining the power of Spotlight Server with Cover Flow and Quick Look in Mac OS X, users can scan through thousands of files and preview them without having to open a given file.

File Sharing

Workgroup Manager

Centralized and Controlled Mac’s Workgroup Manager simplifies your system administration by providing centralized directory-based management of users, groups and computers across your organization. Workgroup Manager lets you create standardized desktop configurations, set preferences, and establish password policies, and it gives you controlled access to hardware, software, and network resources.

Network Security Workshop Manager gives you a secure network environment. It can prevent users from burning media, mounting external hard drives, or running unauthorized applications. Workshop Manager also works with portable computers ensuring that settings, configurations and policies are maintained even when users are disconnected from the network. Workshop Manager also allows you to control the download of authorized software, and provides system imaging, NetBoot startup, rapid iPhone deployment, Netinstall software installations, and NetRestore functionality.

File Sharing

Networking and VPN

Admit and Restrict Mac OS X Server features a built-in Firewall to restrict access and block unwanted communication with your server, and Mac OS X Server’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) access allows your users to take advantage of network services while they’re offsite, and at the same time prevents access by unauthorized individuals.

Encrypted Cross-platform Connection Mac OS X Server supports standards-based L2TP/IPSec and PPTP tunneling protocols to provide encrypted VPN connections for Mac and Windows systems, and iPhone. Mac OS X Server’s VPN services use secure authentication methods, including MS-CHAP and network-layer IPSec for access restriction.