Hosted Kerio Email/Kerio Connect

Cross-Platform Collaboration

Everyone’s Connected A trusted alternative to Exchange: Kerio Connect. Through Kerio Connect not only can you can share email, calendars, and contacts, you can schedule meetings across any platform – whether Mac, Windows, Linux, and (or) Smartphone; and Kerio’s Global Address List (GAL) will provide a directory of employees organization-wide.

Connect Anywhere – Anytime With Kerio you can centralize your data into one location, and access your work from anywhere. Distributed Domain allows you to schedule meetings, use global address book, and facilitate communications with branch offices. Placing Kerio Connect servers in multiple office locations will give you one cohesive collaboration system.


Wireless Mobile Synchronization

Unchained Kerio Connect allows you to work anywhere, anytime, and via your mobile devices.

In Sync Kerio Connect syncs with direct push email to automatically synchronize email calendars and contacts with your mobile device. You can also easily manage a custom view for public or shared folders simply by selecting the folders you want to synchronize via your mobile device; and Kerio directly connects to Exchange ActiveSync-enabled devices over the air.

Protect Your Data With Kerio Smart Wipe you can remotely delete confidential information from your mobile device over the air in the event that your mobile phone is lost or stolen.

Email Security

It’s Your Time and Your Assets With the most robust anti-spam and anti-virus protection built into a mail server, Kerio Connect efficiently and effectively secures your inbox from spam and (or) attacks on board incoming, outgoing, and relayed email messages and attachments.

Anti-Spam Kerio Connect will significantly reduce server resource consumption, and save hard drive space and CPU usage by blocking up to 80% of spam before it reaches the server. Kerio Connect comes with over 14 anti-spam layers:

  • DHA (Directory Harvest Attack protection)
  • Spam Assassin (Bayes, Heuristic, and SURBL)
  • Anti-phishing/anti spoofing
  • RBL (Real-time blacklist servers)
  • Custom whitelists and blacklists
  • SMTP restrictions and more

Anti-Virus With Kerio Connect you can engage its integrated Sophos anti-virus protection to give you:

  • Instant protection
  • Advanced scanning technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • The option to receive updates every hour

Email Archiving

Archiving for Compliance and Governance Kerio Connect allows you to save incoming, outgoing, and relayed messages for local and external email. You can integrate with third-party archiving solutions and non-rewritable media for legal compliance. You can also use Kerio WebMail – an IMAP client or a third-party legal discover tool for auditing; and with Kerio Connect’s integrated backup capability you can store your data for backup or recovery.

Retention Policy Kerio will conserve space and prevent excessive storage by automatically deleting old email items. In addition, Kerio’s flexible retention policy options allow administrators to configure mail retention policies per individual domains or per user, and select which folders to include in the policy plus setting the age of items to be deleted.

Automated Backup

Schedule Backups – Attendance is not Required With Kerio you don’t have to stop the server to back it up; and you’ll receive email notifications for any backup interruptions and backup completion.

Restore Backups onto Another Server In the event of hardware failure Kerio can restore user data and server configurations onto a new installation.

Retrieve Emptied and Deleted Items With just a few clicks Kerio can recover a single emptied deleted email.