FRONTIVA was created for freelance workers and businesses in the communications field with a need to improve management and tracking of their activities. The software is custom made for advertising, design and marketing communications companies. Developed with FileMaker Pro technology, FRONTIVA easily adapts to your specific needs. FRONTIVA allows you to manage: your contacts, estimates, team, projects, follow-ups, order forms, invoices and management reports.

FRONTIVA is a software developed using FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker 9 technology. Furthermore, FRONTIVA has been created to allow usage of FileMaker Web functions allowing your production team to work remotely on a Web interface– Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

FRONTIVA is an "all in one" software that caters to the needs of every department in your company:


Review at all times your projects' profitability. Increase billable hours by project. Standardize your business proceedures and estimation methods. Make easy follow-ups on your prospects and estimates.

Project manager

Keep track of status on all projects. Distribute tasks to your team and staff.

Creative director

Store and review client requests, specifications and notes. Create fast estimates and reports using your own custom templates.

Designers and freelancers

Enter your working hours through the project list. Review individual projects status and add or update notes. Create and access technical specifications by project.


Manage employee time sheets by project. Issue a report of employee hours for payroll. Manage files for human ressources. Create invoices based on estimates and time.