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Share It All Designed to help you manage your business and your team, Daylite is more than a CRM – it can be used to manage company projects, sales, contacts, task, appointments, meetings, notes, and email. Daylite will give you multi-user productivity – access shared calendars, delegate tasks, collaborate on projects, schedule meetings and share all the info you need with your colleagues to move your business ahead.

Scalable Never Looked Like This Single users/small businesses can benefit from Daylite, too, and should you expand Daylite can grow with you. Daylite’s Ecosystem has been built for today’s cutting edge hardware built by Apple: Daylite for Mac, Daylite Touch for iPhone, and Daylite Touch for iPad.


Every Business, Everywhere Wherever you and your employees may be, with Daylite you’ll have access to all the data you need when you need it. Daylite can easily be customized to suit the exact needs of any business – for lawyers, real estate agents, photographers, designers, sales professionals, software developers, event planners, and more; and switching to Daylite is easy.

DMI – A Database with It All Daylite’s Mail Integration (DMI) allows you to enhance and control your business communications. Whether to employees, customers, or prospects, DMI automatically links emails to contacts, projects, and sales opportunities. You can share emails with colleagues or for private viewing, and because Daylite stores emails directly into your database, you’ll always have a backup of your important email history. You can also create new Daylite contacts right from the DMI drawer in Apple Mail. You can add new email addresses to existing contacts, and create new linked projects, opportunities, appointments, and tasks. Whether you’re working as an individual or part of a team, with Daylite you can link tasks to a series of objects in your database including projects, opportunities, and contacts; and in a multi-user environment you can delegate tasks to your colleagues, receive ongoing notification of progress, and easily set up due dates and reminders.

All-encompassing Calendar – Schedule, Monitor, Interact Meetings are easy to schedule with Daylite. When you choose your workgroup and a day for the meeting, a calendar will appear showing those who are busy; and once a meeting time is selected, co-workers receive notification and you will receive their responses. With Daylite you can also create a public schedule, appointments for users, and monitor project status with a few easy clicks. Your Daylite calendar will show important milestones, project due dates, forecasted opportunity closing dates, and tasks that require your attention; and with Daylite Touch or by synchronizing your calendar with your mobile device, it can accompany you when you’re on the road.

Opportunities and Projects in the Pipeline When you manage your projects with Daylite you’ll see everything related to managing your projects in one place. You can link projects to related meetings, tasks, users, contacts, and notes; and through Pipeline you can check the status of the projects you have delegated. Daylite also allows you to effectively track and manage your business and gives you all the tools you need to pursue new sales. You’ll be able to standardize your sales process through Pipeline, track your client communication and follow-ups; and prioritize your leads based on value, due date, priority, or category.

Everything You Need to Know…and Report to the iPhone You can also use built-in business reports to analyze trends and schedule them for automatic delivery to your iPhone. And with Daylite Touch your salespeople will always be ready to pursue new business and easily collaborate with co-workers back in the office. With Daylite, everything from coordinates, tasks, appointments, and more is immediately at hand. All that you need to know about your contacts, clients, and their businesses is collected, organized, and compartmentally logged for easy retrieval and review.

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