CrashPlan Pro


Chameleon CrashPlan PRO is a cross-platform server backup software that works on Mac, PCs and Linux, and allows users to backup any computer to any number of backup servers in any location. CrashPlan PRO operates over any network connection including the Internet; and when you are Internet accessible you can back up your laptops no matter where you are. Further, CrashPlan PRO’s full communication and data transfer encryption provides secure protection in the office or on the go. Your data are protected and restorable.


Backups: Failsafe

  • Enterprise grade encryption immediately secures data as data are read from disk
  • Data de-duplication and compression significantly reduces storage requirements
  • CrashPlan PROs Byte pattern differentials significantly reduce CPU disk and network usage
  • CrashPlanPRO Server VMware image provides you with virtualization support

Data Restore: Guaranteed

  • Automatic integrity ensures that backup data are always correct and ready when you need them
  • Archive self-healing corrects any data integrity issues automatically
  • Unlimited historical versioning restores any file from any point in time
  • Unlimited files and file sizes allow you to back up everything

Continuous Backups in Real Time CrashPlan PRO continuously detects data changes and then waits for the changes to stabilize. Once they do, CrashPlan PRO transmits newly created data. If the data are merely re-organized, data sending is not required. Moreover, designed to meet evolving and demanding enterprise requirements, CrashPlan PRO is scalable.